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We definitely need more stuff like that. It is 7 19. Never heard of anything like this. Um, Phil Rosenthal writing the trip today about your mean Mercedes. And how he's got private equity backers. Have you ever heard of this before? Dave Major League player doing this phrase this way? No, but apparently it has happened before he had, I guess some financial issues and thought What would help him would be to give investors a piece of his future earnings. Do I have that right? Yeah, that's apparently With good investment. So far, I guess, although he's been struggling lately, hasn't it? It's a company called and this was on HBO's real sports Big League advance. Led by former pitcher and that's I guess it's not unlike we've you've had guys who signed with agents for a percentage of future earnings, that sort of thing or But it is kind of interesting. Apparently the same group how to deal with Fernando Tatis Jr when he was Coming up with the White Sox. And of course, he ended up being traded. And now has a $340 million contract with the Padres. Yeah, it's a pretty good deal. Yeah, if I was part of some, UH, investment group and had a chance to be part of a major league contract or future contract. I would think, I guess Based on the performance of whoever the player is, it would be a pretty good deal. They pretty good investment pretty interesting. Anyway. He apparently, uh, talks to Soledad O Brien about this arrangement, the next edition of HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, which is on tonight at nine. So pretty interesting. The socks are back in action tonight, right there, Playing in Pittsburgh. And Cubs in Cleveland tonight. And people are talking about how the bayous and how Ross yanked him last night after he forgot how many outs there were, Uh, it happened. Few booze too. I mean, everybody saw it happen. You can't Can't hide from something like that. He got doubled off, right? Well, he he was running. He was already almost two third base. When the Rizzo had hit a fly ball to left in the left fielder is catching the ball, and there's that's the second out of the inning. And Baez is almost 22 3rd. So at that point, he thought there were two outs and he admitted it blew it. Yeah, And, you know, David Ross pointed out that He loves having biases Hustle, and it's behind them. Now. Wait, wait. Where was every guy a few weeks ago when the praise for El Mago was unanimous after that, that play when he ran the first baseman back towards home plate, and everybody's like this guy? How can you not re sign him? Yeah, last night? Well, he's not perfect. Nobody's perfect. And I guess we should say something about, uh, the draft. The NBA draft is that to know it's not the draft. It's the draft lottery the lottery so it will determine the the order of selection for the draft. So it's If you can follow the ping Pong balls, then you can try to figure out who's gonna end up coming out of it. Well, the Bulls would have to be in the top four. In the lottery tonight. Otherwise they'll give their first round pick to Orlando as part of the deal they made earlier this year. I was looking at some listener feedback, and we got a couple of messages, Emails texts asking, um or requesting that we talk more about the Stanley Cup, But we're going to broadcast the finals here, aren't we? We are. We will have the Stanley Cup final every game here on W. G. M. We don't have the start date yet because it depends on when the semifinal series and that's the way the NHL has worked throughout the playoffs, though. Well, give us to schedule. The only thing we know it'll be over by September. Now it'll be over by July 21st. I think he's the latest ticket go. We're heading into that time. Where you have baseball, football, basketball hockey all at about the same time. We're heading heading closer. Yeah, because Training camp start in the NFL the end of next month. And when are we supposed to hear more about Arlington Park and the Bears? We don't know. We don't know. The the Churchill Downs came out with a statement saying they had a number of Proposals, and in the coming weeks there would be more about it like no specific date. But there is the possibility that There will be horse racing in the future there right. What groups? One of the groups at least, has said that they would like to buy it and keep racing going there so Well, see, I would think I don't know what to think. Well, we said, I think that we shot we don't know we poo poo poo pooed the bears moving to Arlington Park. Kind of put that in the category rumor and then it turns out well, maybe it's more serious than we thought. But I thought the most interesting thing and this came up in our conversation with the mayor of Arlington Heights. In response to a question you asked him even if the Bears bid is not the high bid. Arlington Heights might be very interested because of what the Bears would bring to that area. Right, right. I mean, I think it could be a windfall for them, potentially But Churchill Downs is the owner. So and and the mayor, I'm sure Arlene Tonight's would make their feelings known on that. Yeah, because they're looking at the possibility of not only attracting other major sporting events there, but building ancillary entertainment, uh, venues and having a an area there that would attract a lot of people from all over the place and hosting potentially major national international events. Uh, So you're talking about? Not just the 10 Sundays or, uh, nine Sundays and couple of preseason games here and there, uh, hopefully some playoff games, But perhaps more than that. So in the future, it won't just be, uh, people driving the wrong way on the Ryan. There'll be on Euclid doing that to this Is your new home speaking. I know you haven't moved in yet, but I need some favors. 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