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Which is a which is never fun going up against ever Walker Buehler there you go that's a hell of a name here yeah I mean what we know if your if your yeah like this to last name right yeah I guess I was first name is Walker him Walker Texas ranger they go yeah yeah first name longer I I don't I only I never sold I just I don't know I know its with stars yeah stupid CBS show yes so I did the Dodgers are mine is one ninety tonight which is four eight four eight they Kerr you get to Kerr shawl it be minus one ninety but Walker Buehler who by the way is a really good young pitcher but if that's more of a reflection of Vince Alaska's in Vegas giving no chance of last guys do anything tonight which means when it'll probably look great and will come in here tomorrow and people would be like see it's not as bad as we thought yeah now I I feel that I would feel like that I will not apply yeah you know why because the last night I'm expecting a four game sweep but it was one eight right they don't want no I don't jump as one flesh because the come out and throw seventy pitches in the first two meetings I like the like gave I like the team that does a lot of players on the team that I don't like that makes sense economic able to roll but there are many just kind of there because you just kind of there right now you know I mean I'm telling you it's it's a it's a team that doesn't really have a post right now New York for somebody man yeah need something this thing is it this is me trying to blow smoke this is a message on the sale is this is me just under this my mind said I'm just more or less like the season is a determined yet but I'm frustrated because it seems like the the organization as we go all in just one moment thrown their hands up on the season white men what does the nobody's expecting and trade their top three prospects to get these great players in the company transform the entire team right right but we also don't want to hear will we know who one player with the World Series make your team better yeah that's what I want to do yeah that that's that's the thing has got me mad at and I'm telling you I think it's the trickle down into the clubhouse and now the players are playing this way yep the players are planned this way like to really to play this way so why have we went a liability for that may have weighed two or early this did not make a trade though because what if you bring a guide to this environment you really think it's gonna make the difference if they go out and they add a picture like a fourth starter do we really believe that I tried to go to pay for that for starters going to save this team yes it's the problems not one player yeah but what's the price the the the the the price is is something of value every the picture go here's here's what I'm telling you if you're telling me on a no name picture no one's going to move the needle that guy coming in what's that gonna do then sure I'll tell you that's not going to move the needle what you're telling me our a top pictured becomes available in numbers forget about the salaries of testing these guys but a great hue or Madison Bumgarner if that was the caliber pitcher you're adding to this team don't tell me that's not going to lie to file your kid letter by year it can't because those guys with names like that these guys respect those guys around the clubhouse I mean we do a lot of going back and talking about the old Phillies teams or what have you when that two thousand nine season was going down the drain because the World Series MVP wasn't ready to pitch the following year they went on that cliff Lee and then how bout they went out and got Pedro Martinez it's all year and we're like what the hell does Pedro Martinez I've left in him it helps they don't get to the World Series without Pedro Martinez no I'm not to know he was he was huge what is your last yeah former great pitcher hat respect in that clubhouse that's what it did for those guys it gave them hoping gave them believe who's to say that will do the same have the same type of impact on these guys will they need something because I keep looking at this line up and I'm saying this is more about under achieving lined up then it is a talentless light up I'm not willing to believe I'm not buying this is a talentless line of what I'm talking about one through eight are they strongly all eight positions no are they the Dodgers no are there to Yankees no but they're better than this exactly yeah the pickings not that's the starting pitching is not this is the starting pitcher is the starting pitching but the but the everyday players they can do better I can do better in whatever door right now yeah I agree I agree good John from the great state of Delaware John how are you nobody has thanks for taking my call have rooms reasons I'm Hey I like first off real quick I I wanna talk about gay but I I do want to thank you I've had season tickets legal since eighty eight and you know I I don't call in very often but you know you always you and that team for the most part always gave effort and I think is as local of the fans that's probably part of the big right that we all have right now yeah I can look yeah I can live with trust me listen to me I can live with somebody's better than me what I can't live with that is I'm not given all my effort and and I think that's where we are you know what Gabe Kapler ought hi I was fed up with him after about the first week of its first I can it's nauseating criminalists insulin he sounds like a robot he's not a Philly guy I'm not saying we everybody has to be Sparky Anderson or Jim for go see or anything like that but when I listen to him talk in the postgame conference I want to put my finger down my throat and throw up wow just saying that I mean you guys he didn't lose the team he never had it there's a difference he's just not it's not a clubhouse guy maybe he's an executive well god bless them you know he's further in baseball than I would ever be but you know it he's just not a he he doesn't strike me as a as a manager I will buy I will buy the notion that he hasn't really had the club house ever I buy summit the proof is important right now I how by somebody I'll I'm not saying they they hate gays but you continue to get yeah you continue to get low energy listless performance is yeah and it doesn't open the back up and you'll see it but it does it doesn't last well only because the the law of averages a baseball means you're not gonna lose thirty straight games right right game so yeah there may be a game that you get a batch of what a pitcher who is in all his game either and this lineup can go and put some runs on the board or what have you you'll get a win but how many series wins are you putting together right how many times you wanted to out of three listen it it it's a long season and we're we're getting there right we get their take halfway through July we're getting there yeah and it it's getting to a point where trade deadline is what two weeks two weeks two weeks out exactly two weeks from today maybe will die later this week depending on how many more losses it's it it's going to get to its Saturday all maybe tomorrow the following day when you become sellers at the trade deadline Jack McCaffrey delta Delco times long time column this year in Delaware County great baseball man Jack he's on a trade resource kids thought rebuilding the team going to rebuild the team got a search right away some of these guys now I am not trading Reese Hoskins we don't make any money yet you would have to get I would treat anybody on this team but they but I also would need to be guaranteed of getting like prospects are prospects for a reason yeah right you want prospects yet when you try to cliff Lee because you needed to restock your farm system none of those guys panned out at all right not even close regulatory response and that's fine do you trust the GM in this front office evaluating town of guys are getting back now it's an easy answer no I'm not a tree one of the few players they hit on yeah okay Hey I never fell back let's check your some young players from other organizations you'd like thank you no thank you I will come back at eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four odd bagel guys in the news like they will guide you know the little guy from from Long Island that was screaming yelling and bagel shop the short guy so he's gonna be he's gonna be out all yes on a video yeah he's actually he signed up to what to do something with somebody we know you somehow find this into a a deal somewhere with what I would say a friend of ours all discuss eight eight eight seven did I ninety four ninety for Mason Phillies would like some early all season work doing the same thing yep fills back at tonight a win would be good but right now it just feels like a wind can be really really difficult we'll get back.

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