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Maybe they get involved in. But to me if you're looking at I mean, what is the dramatic change to try to make things better. And it's not like other people haven't talked about it. But I think it may gain some leverage over time. But you know, put a guy in a booth. I'm so nobody with them. No re- other replay people with them. No league people. He's just we call them. What what would you call them PB? Judge a press box judge and and let him get involved in. And maybe then you might make things better last one for you. Mike Pereira with three weeks to go with the Monday night football game, who's the favorite you think to be the rest of the SuperBowl? What do you think what you saw all the reached out to me? But I wasn't available. You are unavailable. My you'll be drinking Tito's on the. Each. I'm sure so I'm for for days before that current referee. Who do you think gosh, I don't know, you know, the one guy that I've that I've really grown to like. And I watched them work more and more is again, Iran torbert. Came from the big ten conference who I think those a terrific job. And so he might be my choice at this point. Because it's interesting with so many new referees that aren't eligible you've really shrunk the pool. And and I would think Ron who's been the referee position for about four or five years now might be a guy, and I just we we had them in a game, and he just handled it beautifully their crew handled the beautifully end up. So I'm gonna if I if you make me pick a name out of a pool. That's the one I'm gonna take. All right, Mike. Thanks for calling greatly. Appreciate it. And let's chat soon when the rest get it. All right. Okay. That's Mike Pereira here on the rich Eisen show. I don't know how that would work by the way a press box ref where there's no flag on the field. And then all of a sudden the flag shows up. It's a button says it's a flag and. And the flag is thrown on a play subsequent. Not in real time. Even though it is real time. But you're looking at is replay. How how everyone would like that? I think the bottom line is. They just have to be better better. And if you do have a press box judge, you couldn't call it the PB judge because there's only one PB Jay. And it's the greatest sandwich in the world. Where have we heard before the idea of somebody monitoring replay on a room by himself separate from the action on the field that comes out? To be a factor in deciding whether a place stands or not where we heard about that idea. So perhaps Mike Pereira and Adam Corolla are lockstep in the replay gamp. That should Pereira never thought the idea of of a of of a replay official in a way. Really? It's a real official. Call a replay official. Could be dressed like the gamp. And then come out and say that really was it false start. You're welcome. Pittsburgh black box instead of the blue tents. Same give comes out. All right. Great old gen stat from the NFL Sunday. Just a great one. I love this one because it mixes pop culture in it. And we set up the rest of the week and sneaking a phone call as we wrap up this busy Monday at Asian into the rich Eisen show him, by the way before we take a break here. There's a new app our app has been reimagined. It's been completely redone. It's awesome. Kudos to everybody on the rich Eisen show staff. Sean Mitchell and everybody else who's doing excellent yeoman's work on our app. It looks great please go check it out..

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