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Athletes then you have to give an all time great the benefit of the doubt and like if that's what this person needs then that's what that person needs. Does that make our hero. Not necessarily but it makes her human and so the point and rats attention right like we don't want our our heroes to be humid right and this is a conversation about recognizing the inherent humanity in the elite athlete but also the olympics is. There is something to be gained from and something to be said for like holding people up a little bit higher as benchmarks to you. Know kind of drive our own aspirations. I want heroes right so that cut out characters have to appreciate that. They're actually human. They're flawed but i think we all benefit when we celebrate people who do amazing things. I agree and that's part of what makes your your podcasts. Such such a must-listen because you bringing in unknown heroes a lot or maybe sometimes it is unknown hero or even just you know but to if you if you let one of those heroes talked for two hours you're going to understand and appreciate the the humanity will probably tell you what their weaknesses are. You know their security or what happened. Make it seem possible for you to be your own hero. Which is the whole point right at the end. Yeah but the idea was simone that because she's this great champion. She is disempowered from making those kinds of decisions for herself is wrong. Like you can't opt out your our hero. You're the you're the world champion. You're not supposed to do this so i. I am projecting onto you a set of rules that you must adhere to in order to remain the hero in my mind. Yup and that's fucked up his fucked up and the other fucked up thing. Is that here. We are human being social creatures who have become social media creatures right. And that's what we're talking about in the bo burnham backlash to the backlash to the backlash to the thing. That's just begun six six media cycles within the first five hours of the story and it's like an and until we actually heard about the twisties a couple days later when she posted it. Nobody actually knew why she quit. Yeah no one knew like on the but that doesn't stop everybody from having their taker opinion or pierce morgan from getting in bloviating and discord feeds this court because yes piers morgan and people in the right had that take but on the left we do it to the left rails against criminal justice system and harsh sentences. Unless it's the cop that murder. George floyd the right loves cops wants to make love to the constitution. Unless we're talking about twenty twenty election and insurrection on january six. I mean exactly everything. It's just what's politically expedient. Yeah personally benz to ben's to the you know the the political ambition exactly and know personal freedom for trans people is good personal freedom massacres not good or vice versa. You know it's like it's like one side stakes out of position. The other screams and yells and on the left. You better screaming well. Y'all accurately the right way if you don't you're just a little bit out of step you're going to get your and we need a new culture you know we need not only do we. Not wanna buy into heroic individualism. We need to replace this. Mimi mimi with we over me. And if that starts with conversations You know the favorite my favorite moment of the olympics. So far are the two high jumpers from qatar. Italy who would both tied and they were given opportunity. Do you want to jump off. And one of you will be the true champion at or do you want to share a gold medal. And they shared the gold medal. They hugged and kissed and it was beautiful. And it's like it's like people love that that's great and that makes me feel good to also back to the stoic. Kind of response. Like if you are the gladiators use do you accept that you say no we will. We will fight to the death to figure out who's better i think. Russell crowe in gladiator would hugged him. On han soo maybe life was on the line a little bit. Higher higher stakes. I do that story. Yeah that was a good tedtalk. Thank you for my ted talk. Are you still. Are there more points. That need to be made sweating now to have perspiring. Listen man. it's i think it's interesting that this is all coming up in the context of the olympics because the olympics is all about of all. it's a globalist agenda right. Yeah globalist by nature original glass. Is this not the one thing where the world can stop. And we can all celebrate together and agree upon you know Celebrating these amazing human beings. Not i guess. I guess well i've never there hasn't been this kind of discord in olympic. Well i guess there always is. You ain't ate. We boycott in eighty eighty four. So it's always there's been a a political aspect to all of this out. I feel like now that's drilled down into it's becoming even more because of the way that the culture is the difference is now it's not nations that are having political infighting orndorff leaders from from groups within a nation. It's it's individuals over bullshit. It's not like we're not even talking about You know black power in nineteen sixty eight. At a time when there is incredible oppression over the and they actually risk their gold medals and gave up their gold medals knowing they would do it right. We're not talking about Nine hundred sixty eight. We're talking about a woman. A young woman making a decision for herself and then it becoming politically like that was a political issue. I know this is like this is. This isn't a political issue. It really isn't and then it becomes wine so it's like it's backwards and and you know. I think it's upon becoming upon us to want to get getting back to your comments like listeners. We got all be willing to have conversations with people who disagree with us. You know we have to because we're not going to get anywhere in solving big problems unless we're willing to do that so it's interesting. The olympics showed us another lesson there but yeah. That's you know simone. Manuel the swimmer. Yeah african american swimmer. Cash her first name. Simone right yes. So everybody's confusing her with simone biles tweet. She had to tweet. I don't do gymnastics cone now. With like i did not know that has forty two thousand likes that tweet. Clarify like no. I'm not the gymnast. But i'm also olympia anyway crazy I love the olympics. I would say that. I've i've watched less of this olympics than any other olympics. That are that have ever been since i've been alive simply because i've been too busy. Which is kind of a bummer. Yeah we're also I don't have cable tv. So i got the peacock app for our television. So i could watch it. Thinking i'd be able to stream whatever else sees and it doesn't work that way. Nbc's to why. I ended up like experiencing the olympics through clips which was not ideal really But there are a couple olympic related. Things that i think we need to talk about beyond simone. The first is what is with this. See bullshit with rotc russian a variety. So we know sickly..

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