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You know, there's when you go back rewatch, and you watch the shave Wiggham preacher character or in the Billy Tuttle evangelist character, and you see basically the cynicism and nihilism that that the Matthew mcconaughey. Character approaches all of the religious sort of infrastructure around that area with is just gonna like this is all bullshit leave systems are all bullshit at. It's basically like you see in the same way. Like, if it basically asks you to believe if there's such an elaborate system of religious belief like in nominally for the forces of good by proxy there needs to be the same one for the forces view, right? And that the these these two systems intersect in this place in Louisiana, and that the only person who can actually see it this guy Russ and he's gonna help his mardi see it as well. This season is almost more. I it's telling that it's like looking back at two thousand fifteen or two thousand fourteen when the first season. Erred because it almost feels like a narrator or an author trying to piece together a mystery story out of an unreliable mind. Yeah. And it's like what really is a mystery story. What really is a detective story when it's a detective who's not sure whether or not he's in any one given time line whether he can reliably depend on his memories of wife, children of the case of his partner of what he's done as we're going to keep seeing as we go through the season. So sometimes it's slow sometimes I wish Cary Fukunaga was directing. But I'm always thinking about this shit, which I'm not with other TV shows. Yeah. I mean, it's it's a great point. Because like in a lot of in a kind of grand sense, the big the central mystery of the season is purely centered on Wayne in his memory who is he and what did he do? It's less about the case. I mean, one of the theories that I really like that's out there on read it is that Wayne solve the case. He saw in. Ninety and wasn't able to prosecute it or bring it to Justice. And now has forgotten that he did it which would Hugh really fascinating turned. Yeah. I mean, we've already seen this guy show up in places how he got there. So it'll be fascinating to see. How it plays out in the second half of the season. The flat circle is actually going up on Friday. Right because HBO is putting out the episode of detective on Friday on go and on now on demand because super bowl's on Sunday. So you'll be able to watch us whenever you get gets detective. It's kind of fascinating that they're doing that. Because I wonder whether or not that's going to happen more and more in a post thrones world. Yeah. As they cut or maybe ramp up production to keep up some of these other streaming platforms like if. Oh, true detective season for just goes up as eight episodes all at once or like what I don't know if they'd ever do that. But it's pretty fascinating to watch them kind of changed the way they do things. I wonder who the first one, you know, whether it's net flicks. That decides that it's finally landed the game of thrones killer, and is like, okay, watch this. We're gonna do it once a week or once a month, whatever it is or whether it's gonna be HBO that with a smaller property is like what if we gave these to if we put crashing up all at once or something like that? Okay. Before we go any I talked a little bit about the Batman earlier about Matt Reeves and Aflac leaving the project, and who may or may not be the Batman. But the other big sort of franchise possibility that's been talked about a lot. This week is the continue the continue to cast Doun the spice must flow. So they have shallow may they've God's. Dia. Young trainees. They catch. Somebody else will Oscar Isaac is room and Oscar Isaac would play Paul's uncle, Duke, Leo treaties. Who's Paul's father? Okay. They've hired Charlotte. Rampling Dave Teesta Stellan scars, Oscar, Isaac zendaya. And of course, shall I'm not sure if they're shooting his back toback like they're doing to that was a rumor for awhile dune is like crushed some filmmakers in the past that they're trying to make in their attempts to make this iota hausky..

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