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Johnny Manziel, NFL, Basketball discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


There's no way around it that's why i'm willing to bet my check you'd seek johnny manziel in a uniform and the nfl before you so colin kaepernick jane jacksonville you live stephen go ahead yeah i think it's racism going on into in the coaching rice college basketball 'cause right here i mean we looking for a coach and they don't give me that you don't have to go to college basketball how about good ball what was going on in college football the way black coaches have been ostracizing college football shameful the nurse was horrible looking for coacher louisville dollar here's these white coaches shock it's more down here abby johnson these guys and i think some of these college basketball players come out of ask you should go play for penny hardaway are every johnson they could change us around dinner it'd be some more good candidates for the top jobs i got you but ultimately administrators we gotta take penny hardaway in the consideration now because that's a bad example you just used do you know why jay that's such a bad example there was a black coach named tubby smith whose universally respected as a damn good coach but they said you know what we need money we need revenue and the only way to get that is to get players in here but tick yalies local products that will support this program yeah and they hired pity which means that if you're an institution and you can find a minority candidate that you think will positively affect revenue at your respective institution you're not scared to bring him in.

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