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And it's pretty great like you're just you're collecting all this stuff i'll go through them into a facebook live maybe next week and show you everything i got a laser hair removal thing for myself that nikki will be administrating on or my trader by friend and you'll goes who's going to do that for you that's what i'm gonna do like by i don't think i'm going to be able to manage it myself but whatever they say you can do it yourself and we got there and it was gray you know she gave a speech bobbies not doing well with thyroid cancer so this is all for research and alley her daughter was there and she used looks beautiful and she's going to london to get her masters an art and so there are all these like there was kathy watt healy saw her and her husband who was there there aren't many guys there but he was there and the daughter was their victoria and he's got the long hair and tinsley was there kelly best simone was there she's very nice and um oh they're with the canadian bachelor was there remember the one that was just his his thing was just i'm canadian from a couple of seasons ago blessed or yes bachelor no he was on the bachelorette season before yes daniel and there was also this they were my they were doing this thing it's like the they're like vaj it's bore the just vaginal tightening they were doing it their but you can get a deal.

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