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Castro said, the passenger was asking questions like have you ever crashed? Then he grabs the steering wheel. And they gore crossed three lanes of traffic. That's pretty scary. Terrifying footage or was caught on dash Cam video eventually Castro was able to come to a stop and call police, according to the CHP the passenger was arrested and charged with DUI for taking control of the vehicle. Construction underway for a massive indoor sports complex in Roseville. Roseville. City manager Dominic Casey says a center like this will be good for locals, and it would also be another way to attract money from outside the area, youth sports tourism and the economic tourism. It comes with that. And we have a great partner in plaza valley tourism who's already aimed at that. And so we have a partner already built in. And I think a large regional complex would be a huge asset to the city though, one hundred and sixty thousand square foot plaster valley sports and events center will cost close to thirty five million dollars expected to open in February of twenty twenty a new academic calendar could bring some positive changes for students, but they might have to sacrifice a couple of weeks this summer. This is about in the Sacramento unified school district where they're considering new school calendar. Saxon unified is proposing to start the school year, two weeks earlier change that's more in line with other districts and colleges it allow students to have clean semester breaks. So that they can take final exams. Before they go on break, and they can get out of school before many enrichment opportunities and programs starts, Alex Barros. With the district says this will give students access to more programs and work -tunities. They'll be able to enroll in programs that all the other students are enrolled in throughout the region, but they have historically not been able to participate in the school year would start August fourteenth. And let out on may twenty eighth students returning for the two thousand nine hundred ninety two thousand twenty academic year would be the only ones with a shorter summer break. Casimiro hall, NewsRadio KF became more than half of older workers are pushed out of their longtime job is before they choose to leave a new report by propublica. And the urban institute finds if you can hang onto the job you have once turned fifty. There's a good chance you'll keep it until you decide to leave. But once you fall off the horse once you're bumped off the horse, the chances are that a you're never going to find a job that pays as much as the one. You had your bumped out of and. Be you're not gonna have. You're not going to have that job for very long sort of. Once you start bumping down. You keep bumping down. Propublica has Peter Goslin tells the Cape K morning news. It's also become harder frame -ployees to prove their employer fired them based on their age have an idea of how to improve the environment around Lake Tahoe. If so the Tahoe fund wants to hear from you, the nonprofit specifically interested in supporting projects designed to improve lake clarity. Expand outdoor recreation opportunities and reduce wildfires organizations are asked to submit projects for consideration by January thirty first two thousand nineteen online. Eligible projects must be able to demonstrate that necessary. Environmental permits will be obtained enjoy strong community support and have other sources of funding identified projects. Elections are expected to be made in late spring or early summer of two thousand nineteen the two thousand nineteen NHL National Hockey League fanfare is kicking off in San Jose..

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