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People suggested he called Joe Biden something that rhymed with sleepy. But he thought that was too nasty. So he decided to call him sleepy. Joe? Instead more from Bob Costantini, the only other democratic contender who has gotten so much attention from President Trump is the man he labels crazy Bernie, and he called into Fox News Hannity program. Thursday night asked about Biden Joe over the years. He's not the brightest lightbulb in the group. I don't think has named that. They know they coming on with a little cute statements about made statements were the former vice presidents trying to make the case. The next year will provide a battle for the heart and soul of America. Biden was at a fundraiser in Philly last night. His first official campaign rally is in Pittsburgh on Monday, Biden grew up in Pennsylvania. When time seven forty nine the number of dead and the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday church and hotel massacres has been revised downward. It's still had two hundred fifty three a ringleader was killed in the terror. Attacks says Sarah Basset reports this is leader of a local militant Mohammed Zarin was killed in Shangrila hotel bombing Colombo when of three luxury hotels three churches that target police confirmed he perished in the attack on an official Twitter account, and that they have also arrested the second in command. They believe the militants received some if they weapons training sees estrellas prime minister Scott Morrison says it has been confirmed militants was supported by the Islamic state group. Authorities say more suspects could be on the run, and they say that they are targeting sleepers who could try to launch another round of town. Tax. The archbishop of Colombo has just announced there will be no mass. This sunday. When time seven fifty borough of Glen rock, New Jersey is considering renaming Columbus Day indigenous peoples day Italian American coalition board member Andre d'amico. An American and Italian American celebrated and. A good idea to pit one group against the we have no objections of celebrating digits people. Why do on the same day the mayor and council England rock are talking about the possibility any change to the name of Columbus Day would not happen until next year? Mayor Bruce Packer says he's proud of the respectful debate. Despite differing views that fake heiress has been convicted of Hatton jury yesterday found Anna Sorkin, guilty of swindling friends and businesses out of more than a quarter of a million dollars by posing as a German heiress than spending their money on the high life. She could get up to fifteen years when she sentenced next month wins news time, seven fifty one. Information from the ram trucks traffic.

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