Jagr, Towson, Coleman discussed on On Being with Krista Tippett - Bessel van der Kolk — How Trauma Lodges in the Body


To people retreated to towson to happen i'm or practice i am very cutoff relationship to bodies to menos you what's happening nobody's to minute register what's going on with a and so we're became very clear because it's redo you do to help people even descent stations in their bodies to start having it alicia ship with to life of their organisms last night to call it and so you coleman a show defense reader does in two exploring your bradford oh and your go turn talk to be i was very wonderful message for tell which is people to activated executive areas of course is this erstad brilliantly areas you off your mind he can lead in order to the game ownership or for yourself i don't seem to you know get would be do all the way to do it scorer i think if you only do jagr and that you can totally ticker careful but your got to my my this important component home win oh for all hitting program and again not only your going are you could do maybe martial arts court to gone but something to engage your body in a very mindful and purposeful where it who was a lot attention to breathing in particular reset some critical bringing areas to compared to stir in the same game it's not really mustard no edouard adults that's true do you know of yoga is helped your yeah it nice even hard contribute his body remembered i mean he talks about body memory it's the same thing you say this imprint that tama has not just on your remind and the the other thing that he's doing recently is actually working with veterans and also working with with young women the suffering from and rex yeah.

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