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It's all in how this gets carried out whether this actually ends up being a good or a bad initiative. But Roger have to say this these principles are the right principles to put in place. If you ask me, I they definitely are. And but like with as with all things, you know, the first step is great. But. It's the subsequent steps that you take that determine whether or not what you start out of the gate as. Holds up. Right. Whether I mean, there's there's no funding, and and some of the things that are kind of AIG. But overall it if it's it's a nice sounding piece of policy. But as you know, but as you said like how what does it look like an eaters time two years time is going to be more funding is they're going to be some sort of locus like some kind of focus that companies can kind of kind of zero in on or is it just going to be like, you know, just kind of a let's throw everything against the wall and see what sticks or is. This just a let me write something that everyone's going to be the happy about even though there isn't any kind of real continuing a push or drive on that track. So I mean, it's it's a great great first step. I would like to see the other steps that follow. I think if you go through point-by-point, the, you know, the potential pitfalls, prioritizing the and the budget where a lot of countries just add funding to support AI may look at first like a bad idea, if it's actually knocking other priorities off it could be good for a I could be bad for other priorities. That's one of the downfalls or saying prioritize, it may not actually get the money. Earmarked because it's not funded. I could see that happening as well. Ordering data and processing power to be made available for researchers that is almost entirely positive from what I could tell as long as it's done creation of ethical standards. Again, this isn't going to make the ethical standards but getting the government involved in talking with academics about that is good. We need more of that. We've seen other companies call for that. So so this is a good for it to to continue that effort to create ethical standards around and creating fellowships in apprentice to prepare workers for changes to the market caused by is exactly what I think should be done. It's not that a isn't going to have an effect on the on the workplace it is. But it's identifying those areas where it will because it won't affect all areas and figuring out how people make the transition again that might need some funding, but at least beginning to create those things and encouraging those things and again, it's this the face of. It sounds great. I would like to see what it looks like in a year or two years to see if. That if this detri- continues. All right IDC put out their numbers for smartphones in China, and as in other analysts reports apples shipments declined IDC puts the decline at nineteen point nine percent in China in Q four, but it rose in the rankings apples. Now, the number four as Yami shipments fell thirty four point nine percent and dropped to number five overall smartphone shipments in China fell nine point seven percent the entire smartphone market in China is cooling off while way. Bucked the trend and rose twenty three point three percent up. Oh in vivo sort of bunk. The trend oppa rose one point five percent vivo three point one percent respectively. Catalysts estimates came out January twenty eighth and we're pretty much similar to this. We told you about them on daily tech news show back on January twenty eighth kennel is showed a larger decline overall. They said it was a fourteen percent decline. Whereas IDC's calling a day a nine point seven percent decline in the smartphone market in China. Also Canelas showed a slight decline for up. Oh instead of a a slight rise, which IDC shows. But really I saw a lot of headlines today saying more bad news for apple and I wanted to point out to people. It's not more bad news is a excellent the same bad news heard back on January twentieth..

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