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No he's. He's incredible yeah he is. He's the best one of our one of our two assistant coaches on the lakers. Two assistant coaches pat riley had during the showtime era. How about that now. You have how many coaches on the laker staff which i'm glad they have expanded the coach so that means more jobs for guys. I'm not complaining about it. I think it's good that you have seven and eight guy coaches per team now we have to it was riley and burqa and and get a d._v._d. Garabedian randy fund was like the junior assistant that was it yeah one one trader. One trader is nice now. They've got like fifty. They got a full spa. Now and you know what's crazy too so i believe in in medical it advancements in medical analytics no a couple of people around the league that are really pushing the boundaries. I love it but injuries are actually up the last couple of years so it's it's weird. We have so much more information so many more experts so many more ways is to keep guys healthy and yet. I don't know if it's because the the game is a bit faster at this point or maybe some of these a lot of these players are overused when they were kids compared to when you guys were kids back in the day just playing year round and i don't know what it is but injuries overall are actually up compared to back in the day when there was one trainer for the team. Even that is strange 'cause she got bette equipment. Now much shoes gives you better support for your feet and everything so yes. I don't know why do they make the body's breaking down because they don't take enough time off off to play golf and tennis like i used to so that's another thing so i've been avoiding this topic. I've just yeah he's a hall of famer. Delta interested it. All you want. I know are you tell me. Why should i be interested right now..

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