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Abraham Cooper is a propagandist. For this HAMAs front group called care, which has a foothold in the United States and the use every opportunity. To support Democrats and trash Republicans. And here he is on CNN today. Cut three go. Unfortunately, we have our nation's top leaders, and I'm talking about President Trump, mainstreaming bigotry and bringing bigotry and division as a source of governance. President Trump governs based on fear and lies. You must be confusing. The United States. With virtually every Arab and Muslim country on the face of the earth. If you're Jewish Christian. Try to go to Medina. If you're Jewish Christian, see if you're welcome in the Gaza Strip. Or even parts of Jerusalem. Even on the Temple Mount. If you're Jewish or Christian. See how widely embraced she'll be in Tehran. And I could go on and on. Mr. Hooper confuses the United States with those countries. People flee to this country. Compare this country to Somalia. Or the Sudan? I am sick and tired. When these sickos go out and kill people. That somehow that reflects our thinking somehow that reflects our philosophy somehow that reflects our politics our principles when in fact, we are repulsed by it. We're the ones who embrace the declaration of independence, which is not religious specific color specific ancestry specific, unalienable rights. We're the ones who say live and let live. Live and let live we are the ones who are tolerant. Not one you push back against the progressive centralized state. When you insist that there'd be a rule of law, and it'd be followed by everybody who wants to come into this country. When you went SIS wave, a magnificent culture and people who wanna come here must assimilate. Then all of a sudden you must support the mass slaughter of fill in the blank. Fill in the blank. Nancy Pelosi visited Assad. Against the direct request of President, George W Bush. Assad killed forty nine people before you at breakfast. Almost all Muslims. The New York Times supported Fidel Castro's revolution. Belcastro killed forty nine people. Before.

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