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Have super magic technology available at our fingertips, we were able to actually hear his thoughts while he was speaking. While he was telling people But he is a uniter president who is not in it for himself. But for others, the president doesn't divide US. United president appeals not to the worst in us, but to the best president cares less about his TV ratings more about the American people president looks not to settle scores with the find solutions. Now there's a second version of this that we have available. Take two seconds to get up and get it ready for you. That is what the public heard, but I thought you'd like to know what was going on and show Buyten's mind. While he was saying those words and if you are ready, maestro, go ahead. I don't think we have that audio as of yet, Okay, looking for that audio 7 37 here on the morning drive. With Casey and Elliot's will work to get that audio for you as soon as possible. I want to tell you about this other story that the left and anti Trumpers now are calling for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Amy Cockney Barrett. Less than 24 hours after she was confirmed. Norm Ornstein, political science scholar, the American Enterprise Institute, and Alexander Heffner, PBS host. Argued. Justice Bharat should be impeached promptly. If she does not recused herself from weighing in on election challenge out of Pennsylvania. Hefner said she won't be convicted off the court. But this lays the groundwork for adding a tent justice as the first balancing act of Biden and a new Congress. He endorsed Orange stains proposal to impeach justice if she sides with the president. And the Republican Party in the Pennsylvania case. You might remember the first time the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. They deadlocked, thanks to Justice Roberts for four lower court standing there allowed for Pennsylvania except Mail in ballots up to three days after the election, Republicans have now asked the high court again. The way in on there. Election law, and some of these ballots, as we've previous mentioned could not be postmarked or you couldn't read the postmark or the signatures wouldn't match whatever the case may be. So now they're threatening to impeach justice Barritt if she would consider this case, sit on this case and then render a verdict that would side with Republicans or the president. Funny how they didn't do that during Elena Kagan not recusing herself during any of the Obama care cases, and she was not a judge at the time. I think she was arguing she was solicitor arguing in favor of them while she was employed by the Obama administration. But she never refused her case and any one of those rulings, But that's okay. See, there's a double standard for left word of justices. But for the originalist justice is not so much now on originalism Ed Markey from Massachusetts, the congressman, he has a new definition of originalism. Originalism is racist. Originalism is sexist. Originalism is homophobic for originalists like Judge Barrett LGBT stands for. Let's go back in time, a time when you couldn't marry. Do you love? You couldn't serve in the military if you were trans a time when rights were not extended to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer questioning intersex individuals. Original. Um, originalism is just a fancy word for discrimination at market and Senator Lee. Well, he kind of disagreed politely with Congressman Markey. This's patently irresponsible of all the irresponsible and inflammatory statements. I've heard over the last few weeks and I've heard some doozies. This might well be the worst. If you think about what he's really saying Senator.

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