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Georgia Bulldogs in sports J. Jerry black is here to tell us what's not happening in sports I haven't made my contribution to the social distancing doctrine today well thank you I like that's what the social distancing doctrine for the time being it's interesting J. there's a lot of stuff not going on but headlines constantly about what might go on or what so what other people are trying to do I will do is we'll have Geritol few headlines out here of things that are not happening in sports so I can find out more from J. blacks is that all right sounds good to me all right this is this this first one is devastating guys just be ready right in trouble I could tell by your toe you're trying to get me in trouble with this one I am hurt by it personally you can blame it on me if we get in trouble the the W. N. B. A. season will not start on time next month because of coronavirus all right J. black this is a good time for me to ask you when was the W. N. B. A. season supposed to start and I'm gonna ask you senator Kelly Loeffler joins us now as a co owner of the Atlanta dream Kelly or take that one Keller hi I'm Kelly Loeffler yeah we know who you are what was the W. N. B. A. season supposed to open it was supposed to open R. on the day that it was it was meant to what we're all having to postpone that for no I'm Kayla fleur J. C. it better at answering answering answering questions about the stocks he bought right after getting that secret meeting a listen I don't fly those stocks that's handled by a third of what find out already yeah we'll find out if you thank goodness because I made a lot of money what's the name of the well the draft the WBA draft is still scheduled for April the seventeenth not in person and then everything else is to be determined but of the W. N. B. A. B. D. is typically a a summer league they'll be disappointed in in between the NBA seasons now that Donald Trump has apparently was talking to everybody all the at least the commissioner of the NFL a bunch of people from the NFL out of all the owners are on the run the call but apparently trump said he believes the NFL season to start on time yeah he's he had all the commissioners for all the major sports leagues on a call Saturday and he hopes to host and fans back in the stands by August September the commissioner the NFL Roger Goodell is planning to start his season on time September tenth they do ask the governor of California what he thought about that because of this problem I can have it in our state so all plans are just plans and give us something to talk about because there's nothing else to talk about but everything is a gigantic as strict as well that's what that's why we have J. J. black here to tell us what's not happening in sports this is this is like a utility people people need to know what's not going to happen in sports this week so I can differentiate it from what didn't happen in sports last week you know J. being somebody who's a an awful lot of games because of the especially every every sport you know this is speculation but what I wonder is after the government says Hey it's okay go out obviously the first thing to do is we can return to work because we need to go to work and so people will be willing to take a risk or two in their own minds to go back to work because you need the money in and working is important I'm wondering I think what we don't know is even after we get the green light from the government when are we gonna feel comfortable being in a stadium with seventy thousand other people are in arena with twenty thousand people that's something we just can't know because these are personal choices it's really hard to imagine ninety two thousand people sitting on top of each other in the bleachers at Sanford stadium September is it is it's hard you know I wonder if they'll sell half the stadium so that people can have a buffer between them and the person next to them you know what I have heard talk of this where basically you sell it like that when there's three of your seats between individuals and but you're still you know when you go up I guess they could have a system when you go for a beer would you go for two yes I am behind yeah LOL as you go to the bathroom you know it's basically a trough system the most stadiums here man in truth far doesn't really have the truce Parker is really on the concourses wide enough to where you can do six feet apart from each person in the in the hot dog line other kind of jam everybody in there is it is that's what they call the bathroom glide six Martin all hot dog lives and of course true stadium we're not used to hearing that I'm going to use that for a baseball game in hamlet yeah and and and what are you hearing from Major League Baseball is still the same thing that Israel face even discussed playing some spring of some games at spring training facilities and quarantine all the players all the coaches and thoroughly testament but if we need test for the regular folks it it's gonna be kind of hard to pull off test and baseball players and and hotel workers and TV people and and all that to try to pull off I think everybody's getting as creative as they can but they just started playing ball right now if you look at the the NBA apparently they're they're thinking about doing a televised horse com yes which I have to say I would tune into I don't know I took the whole how exciting it would be but I I the NBA they've got to be getting pretty close to just call the season yeah they're they're kind of right there at the age did you watch a train young in the in the video game competition I turned it on too late it was just okay hawking about it I missed it how did I didn't I didn't catch it either I I went to bed I saw that that his face was one of those are the only two players that were pictured as I was you know in the in the in the in the background while it basically had a couple NBA players who were in lockdown from their own homes we're talking to each other and I thought wow did Trey win or do well it's interesting to me that he would be one of the only two players that were up there when you know we all love the hawks but we know they're not top of mind nationally so I'm thinking that maybe he did pretty well at it but I don't know I'm started is going to be a moment where we kind of get tired of watching people up virtually play games right now well it might get tired of it but we might have a choice well you know you could go out to your backyard rob Gronkowski so they had WrestleMania WrestleMania how did that work I I don't think there were I think you missed in front of a daughter lives video audience by the way J. yeah I I I throw in WrestleMania with sports just because I don't know I should put it in with entertainment but WrestleMania at their big deal now is that rob Gronkowski is one of the one of the host of review have that job we have yeah here's an open here's an opening it up.

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