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A B C's in panel has more valleys. Teams say the authorities deliberately stole to allow time for the poison in his body to dissipate before German doctors could assess him. The Kremlin has long been accused of poisoning its critics in the past something it's always denied, but they're a major inconsistencies in the official explanation of what happened here. But this morning relief Navalny's family and friends that he's finally in Germany and getting the care. He so obviously needs impanel ABC News in Vilnius, Lithuania. Now for a look at sports. Here's Jill brand six home runs in Game one of the crosstown classic last night, all of them coming from the South Side. There's a high fly ball to dead center field. This ball is going to be way out of Wrigley Field almost to the scoreboard and left. That's a two run homer for Grand All his second of the year on the White Sox have taken an eight and nothing lead here in the top of the fourth inning. That's Andy Maser on Randal's second homer of the season. A 10 1 win for the socks and for grondahl his first experience with socks, Cub rivalry. These guys, you gotta play hard. You can't really Lay down for too long, because important given time. They're going taking score. 56 runs off you. So what? I guess so consulting with the right So it's gonna be a fun. Siri's for the next For five years. Now the socks have belted 22 home runs in the last six games. That's a franchise record. Meanwhile, Dallas Kaegel worked, ate one run innings in the socks victory. Siri's will continue tonight. Reynaldo Lopez coming off the injured list he takes on Kyle Hendricks Pregame show's at six 41st pitch at 7 15 Right here on 7 20. W G. N With it officially being the offseason, Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman thinks that it's important to be patient with his upcoming free agents..

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