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Hockey final Blackhawks game of the year. Blackhawks plan on the road tonight at Nashville brigade at six thirty. So we got roughly that's eighty some odd minutes to spend with you, Harry. Good afternoon. How are you? Good afternoon. I'm all right. Thanks for asking dandy day. In chicago. I'm enjoying the weather, but I did not like the Mariners raining runs on the south siders exception. It is the baseball season yesterday. You feel so good right leading then coming from behind taken out Seattle and the home opener ten eight and then you lose today. Lucas Jualita looks phenomenal in game one taking a no hitter into seventh. And then not as good good. He started good today. Hey, all right. You Lido back to back. But then you can't want four guys. And and and expect runs not to pummel your plate, and that has been his bugaboo mainly over the last couple of years. Hopefully. Lucas will be better in his next outing. We're gonna talk to Jackson about that. In a bunch of other stuff in a matter of moments at first White Sox fans. Join us as the White Sox. Take on the Detroit Tigers Saturday, April the twenty seven that's a six ten first pitch. First twenty thousand fans are gonna receive a Jose Abreu, silver slugger, bobblehead, powered by constellation America's energy choice. Purchase your tickets today by visiting White Sox dot com or calling eight six six sacks game, Harry. Yeah. I love the I love the giveaways this year. We had you know, Martha Joe black with us yesterday and looking at all the stuff going on. I love the sweet t shirts yesterday. Yeah. You're out there with William left a little corking Carey in with goose island bet you did love the goose..

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