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Daniella Levine Cava says four more bodies were found today, bringing the death toll to 36. President Biden's outlined five point plan targeting Americans who are hesitant to get vaccinated against Covid 19. The U. N s nuclear watchdog says Iran intends to increase production of enriched uranium by up to 20% Shakeri Richardson, who tested positive for marijuana is not on track and field you essays Olympic roster. Daria Aldinger, ABC News Co. Mo News, 1000 FM. 97 7 75 in downtown Seattle Now Combo news time 3 31 We continue with our top stories from the Como 24 7 news center, Emmerich found sites with ELISA Jaffe. Tens of thousands of Washington school kids are behind on their routine vaccinations and his combos Charlie Harder tells us that could mean they aren't able to go to classes in the fall. The rule, which started in 2019 says students need to have gotten the vaccines for a handful of preventable diseases. They include chicken pox, measles and others. The Covid vaccine is not required. Now, The Seattle Times reports routine vaccination levels are way down and covid is seen as the culprit. Many parents have elected not to take their kids into the doctor's office during the pandemic. There has been an uptick in these routine vaccinations in recent months. Doctors say. They expect to see a lot more in August, right before his students returned to classes. Charlie Harder comb O'Neills bar scene in a shooting in Bellevue after a man walked in shot dead, his estranged wife, according to Bellevue police. It was behind the bar towards the dining area. Captain Debbie Ingram says the victim was cleaning up after the crowds have left from Sam's Tavern when that incident occurred. Suspect turning himself in now in the King County jail. Newly released Bodycam footage reveals a suspect in a Puyallup pulse was armed when a Seattle police officer shot him. Police Let me see your hands. God God! God! God! God! God! God! An officer has seen firing three shots up a staircase, inflicting non life threatening wounds. Multiple Seattle officers raided the house June 30th. It was part of a federal investigation into a drug and gun ring connected to organized crime. Well, your drive will soon get a little more expensive if it includes the highway, 99 tunnel or two toll bridges. Cuomo's Ryan Harris has details. The plan for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a simple 25 cent toll increase, but the others get a little more complex. The two options for the tunnel are a 25 cent. Hike or 15% increase, which would put the peak rate in either 2 50 or 2 60 both would start in October, 5 20 would be either a 15% increase that raises the peak price to 4 95, or 15%, plus expanded peak hours with the peak of 4 50 starting July, 2023 to common. Arrow Citizen Advisor Randy Boss lambasted the State Transportation Commission for what he says is illegally requiring those drivers.

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