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By the charges, which he says don't allege his client committed any violence or was at the Capitol. Mark Remillard ABC News San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin says he will be entering treatment for alcohol dependency. In a statement, the District three supervisor thanked his friends, family, colleagues and staff are standing by his side as he confronted his personal issues. Peskin was first elected to the board of Supervisors in 2000 and served for eight years and was elected to the board again in 2015. His district includes neighborhoods like Nob Hill, North Beach, Chinatown in the financial district. We are following a debate over whether to keep the great highway closed. Here's Kate Kgs Terry Rafts, Portions of the Great highway are part of the city's safe streets designated car free during the pandemic. The city's recreation and Parks Department and S F M T. A are considering a number of ideas ranging from fully returning the road to a four lane highway to continuing the full ban on motor vehicle traffic, or perhaps some compromises. While some people like the ability to bike and walk in the area, some neighbors say closing the highway has pushed more traffic into the neighborhood, which has made other areas unsafe. The city says it is still considering how it will proceed and will likely move forward with some kind of a pilot program in the fall. I'm Terry Rouse. Kgo Eat town. Let's update to drive on KGO A 10 sponsored by Tri Counties Bank. We're going to Napa for the update with K GS Mark Nieto for the Chilton Auto Body Traffic desk, unwinding nicely from the Friday drive to work, which is pretty light to begin with. But we still have the closure of South down to 21 north of 29 in Napa at Anderson, where Big rig flipped over there took out at least one signal light. And that's why if you're trying to get from downtown Napa to 29, you're gonna have to use Imola or Lincoln instead. Now you've got delays on, um 11 in San Francisco to 80 up towards Vermont Street. Southbound one still slow into Petaluma Fender Bender north of East Washington, causing a bit of a backup their brand new rec reported on eastbound 80 at Richmond Parkway That's got the right lanes blocked and so suddenly to stop and go from el Portal, meantime, still just a minor delay at the westbound Bay Bridge for.

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