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Zion's debut with the Pelicans plus ally manning is retiring so the giants in a better place with Daniel Jones and andy reader. Patrick Mahomes who benefits more more from a chief Super Bowl win. Let's call it on everybody. Welcome into I take. Thank you for hanging with US Stephen. A Smith Jay Williams Max Kellerman. I'm taking good all right. Let's get it. The number one overall Pick Zion Williamson made his much anticipated. Debut as the Pelicans closer the spurs what was a four point loss for New Orleans. Zion had twenty two points most NBA debut in Pelicans history passing a D.. In Two thousand twelve he also became the first player in NBA history with twenty points seven rebounds and four threes and under twenty minutes. Serious everything agenda except for the losing part Just the energy to crowd ball The energy of the city Bra on there was a lecture again. I'm just grateful that they did that. You had not hit four threes in a game in college. You're in the zone. I guess so when I'm just say when you're not able to move around do athletic movements for awhile. Shoot spot of Jumpers. I guess that was a result of that encouraging to see him do that. Max where you impressed by his performance overall I was blown away and let me tell you why athletically clear he clearly was not the same right. The Guy we saw in college athletically had an explosiveness. I didn't see yesterday. pertile blocks shot that we gets the rebound he puts it back in. But that wasn't Zay Dianne Williamson so then the question is what do you do when that happens. What do you do when they packed the paint and they dare you shoot like what do you go into the teeth of the defense? When you really clearly not physically all the way back to prove to guys like Stephen a Smith that you can or do you take what the defense gives you you understand the patience nations and wisdom of one year old with that kind of ability and hype proved the kind of game? He did not just that he's willing passer. He has that Lebron James Snap across the court type passing ability and he's willing passer and he has a high end high basketball. IQ How about the fact that Oh dear shoot but let me tell you what four threes in the fourth quarter of a close game means it means more than anything. You're calm under pressure. I don't even think it's about the repetition including I think the moments too big for him. He's common oh you're going to give you the shot. He didn't rush. It gathered himself. shot the ball seventeen points in eighteen minutes. Sorry twenty two points altogether seventeen consecutive points. When he came out of the game game it was a one score game if he stays in? I think they win the game. That was an awesome debut by I heard Jay Williams looking for. It's not been trying to find you. Listen I had a few doctors appointments at Mit chug myself out the hard to be. Well you can come to work every day ready to roll. Are you looking for before because let me be very. Let me be very very clear. He's he's listen. Let me explain. Let Me Explain Zion. Williamson is Columbia superstar. We all know this is what we believe. And I'm not sitting here saying that. He had a bad bad night or anything like that. That's not what we were going to hurt. Jay would look for me. We mean he was good. He won't great. Are you crazy match. You actually explain why you've got people sitting out there. Let him shoot a set shot to what have you because you WANNA keep that. Mammoth of a young man pay. I get all of that. I wasn't looking looking for that from Zion. It's nice to see but as far as I'm concerned dammit spurs look like they were playing the sometimes. It was almost like that black. This does shoot and set shots until he got hurt. The Tony got healthy. I mean that's how it looked at the top in terms of him launching a shot. I'm not judging by that. What I was looking for was his activity? His movement without the ball how healthy you all have any questions about his gate. I totally believe this guy is going to be great but when they said he was ready to doc because if you remember the initial prognosis of his injury was that he was going to be out six to eight weeks so if this were six weeks or eight weeks right and I don't know exactly. How much time has he been out now? But what I'm saying is that it was significantly longer than we had originally expected and anticipated so in light of that had he come back six to eight weeks and he looked like that that would have been different because he's been out so long total and over forty games might mindset was brother In terms of health wise. He's a hundred percent so I'm not looking for you. Know what he's going to make a set shot. I'm looking at his activity How he's moving without the ball how healthy he looks the spring in his step which I saw which I thought for a moment to moment? Yeah I was in no way. That wasn't no way judging his game because everything that I saw last night outside of the four three point is given credit for that. I mean I'm just looking for the activity. See how healthy is. That's all I was looking for. There was nothing about his game that I was concerned about. What's wrong with that Sometimes you really frustrates me so well. The first man's Miss Three and a half to four months of playing basketball right playing basketball Stephen. Even Hey basketball basketball shakes up the phone. My it's not just the things that get back it's up and down constantly. You run over three and a half miles per game for a guy weighs two hundred eighty five pounds twenty two points seven rebounds and eighteen minutes per forty eight minutes has fifty nine points and twenty rebounds. No that's you looking at it all wrong. I'm looking at the ability to play those minutes and I'm not saying I expected that. Who who say Tonio Spurs Steven Great Public One of the greatest coaches of all time? Absolutely could you. Could you confirm that. The Scott the report on the guidelines Zion Williamson. Let him play his weaknesses. Right sure how to do so. One of his weaknesses shooting so he's able to knock down shots which then opens it up the drive by the way don't on Demar Derozan who even though he's at the latter part is still one. They're freakishly most athletic talents. We've seen in the League for a while. He grabbed the rebound over our guy who seven one he may he never be in midseason born but look at him at this being his. I guess you're saying that you wanted to see was that. He's totally physically back from injury. That's fine maybe maybe I would agree with you. He has more go and J not basketball shape. Really what I'm looking for is how do you adjust to the pro game. When they do pack the paint when they dare you to shoot do rush? It is the moment to big. When do you look for the open man? He has a high basketball pressure. All I'm asking Y'all all to accept the fact that this to me is not a discussion about his basketball. I'm not questioning not questioning anything about that. What I'm saying is at the start Oughta game last night? Mark Jackson poured it out. He looked a little out of shape which was a little couple and then he said he looked a little heavy and to me he looked a little gimpy. Be What I'm talking about looking for him and for my health perspective that all I cared about. I didn't care about anything. 'cause I knew what else in quite common I did I did. I didn't say from three. I'm talking about in terms of his willingness to attack. I'm looking at a guy that for. For example he went out. He came back when he was at Duke. You're talking about golf for national championship when he went up against central Florida. What he showed up in the elite eight as well etc.? I'm looking you can get this guy and I don't have any questions about his composure. I wasn't worried about that. I'm looking at them from a health standpoint his ability to move with the basketball his activity and I know that's going to come all I'm saying is that's what I was looking for. That's all I was looking at times. I think he moved a little bit gingerly by the way Donald. Ginger Lee runs like that though Stephen. That's the way I mean a little bit heavier up top asking you asked me what would have been impressive for Stephen. A Smith on Ziya Williams his first game back after missing three even at four months does if I saw Zion like I saw in the Summer League in terms of his veracity and his willingness to attack. That's what I saw the fourth qua. I am not having a conversation the station with y'all about this guy's level of productivity. I'm talking about being in attack mode the way that I am accustomed to seeing them. That's all talking about. Who could he? The side one for thirteen. But that brother was for Roche's as hell he was gonna be ferocious you the Dan he hit four. Yeah he's in the fourth quarter. The weakest part of his game at shooting and he did that very night. Toss I twenty two all right to be looking at any time out too long. How do you judge judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of doers. What's my Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college. College and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news.

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