Annette, Meryl Streep, Flatts discussed on The Empire Film Podcast - #271: Jason Blum, Brian Fee, Kevin Reher


Um well happening yeah but john ajello oliver i think we'll be will be really fun and that rolls on quite i'm quite pleased without sounds good question yeah good area every bit of in so far the movie has been produced but also free for excited about that you said it about the fact that as mumia sequel annette duly james isn't it and she's gonna be plan a young meryl streep i mean it's it's i mean meryl streep has to actor daughters it seems a both him look unbelievably like her seems bail to not cast them maybe they don't or don't wanna be knocked flatts i've seen them actors on they're pretty shared on they're pretty good to win the addition i thought of got this of nailed it it's in the bag i'ma be blame meryl streep yeah can't do it get out billy james is gone i mean we'll just have to see if this prequel lives up to the original and doesn't ruin okay critical it back thank you thank thailand altogether uh amount raves who will be appearing on our war through tons of the sport or special interviews in the bag he said that the may will be ripping up the batman script uh the by the batman script and starting from scratch us hey maybe shock in us abdus excited and hey you know what else exciting new empire magazine you empire magazine came out this week we're all freight very excited on the cover is 'bladerunner twenty forty nine which sequel of course it bladerunner don't worry if you haven't seen the other.

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