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How to play musical instruments Then my wife moved over to the uk and we we moved down to bristol eventually and a continued working effort while as a music teacher. But for health reasons. And other things. I kind of stopped teaching and got into. Evt's back in the kind of the would've been two thousand and maybe two thousand five two thousand and forty thousand five. I was going to convert my morris minor to electric. Which was the car that i owned for. Euro two always been into classic cars. Always been a big petrol. Head stripped it down and it was so far gone with russ to the. I couldn't like i didn't have the skills to weld it back together. and ended up buying something called flying banana which was a nineteen ninety eight city l. electric car. That had a top speed of about thirty miles. An hour was absolutely terrible. It was a three wheeler. It look like the illegitimate love affair between a sinclair. C five at an intercity one to five it had a roof that went up like that And that was my first. Ev and i put lithium ion batteries in it. Made my own wiring lame to put in a nubia mess and it kind of went downhill from there. So at that point. I started working for a podcast colds The cost with some guys out of america would've that guests present his. And then i transitioned to kind of doing transport evolved on my own. So t- thousand ten israeli when i sat transporting vote up officially did what you guys are doing now. We did effectively a weekly podcast where we talked about the news. In the world of days. I had guests on like robert and chelsea chelsea sexton and Jump voca and some of the og people who were part of the Don't crush campaign in the us. That's oviously started off a whole lot of stuff Chelsea sexton is probably the person responsible for getting the into the ev journalists space because she reached out to me..

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