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I heard he might ban this camera started. Smoking was six. Yeah, when I was 24 on my voice is a lot different than it is. Today were Sylvie's voice mall have sound of Soviets wife when he's at Southern Illinois, Goran Yvonne Yvonne easily mention it. But you know, as you get older, you develop your timber a little bit right? And I hope I never lose my timber York I remember but I never want to have my timber knockdown. Snow. Yeah, there it is. Go on, Even even the ceviche on the courts of tennis now turn to the courts of tennis. His his timber was still years away. My Evans before night report Sports. I'm Mark Silverman. Beth. Would you say Goran had a good career, or was he over under or anything? I mean, you're talking about going even. Isn't it? Good, even east of it. That's a year ago. Question. I can't answer right his highest ranking. I think he was ranked in the top five for a little while. Great serving, Valerie. You didn't want to serve that away, right? He had a big head of Boomer of serve. Yeah, well, he won won Wimbledon guys, you know, so He's a major winner. He won won Wimbledon anyone a handful of line a million letters, one like 15. Well, I understand 19, but 19 only play one here. That's Grand Slams grandstands. I'm sorry. Yeah, he's 15 or 61. Pretty much right? I mean, listen, the Croats who usually big and tall Long arms, and they give the big boomer of a serve. Marin chill itches is kind of like that, too, and you gotta develop the whole game. Then you have to be able to move left and right, And sometimes those guys that are a little bit More diminutive like a Rafi on the dollar that 66 That's 67. Those guys have the advantage getting around the court a little bit. Let's now turn to the courts of tennis. Great breakdown, a tennis from your coats, and thank you like I mean, I can't I wouldn't have even known. Remember Michael Chang? Yeah, sure. I remember Big Boomer but can cover the court and you never gave up on the ball was very, very exceptional tennis player. Be because his stature allowed him to get all over the court. The Croats when they're too big, they're not as nimble as somebody. That would be a little bit treason. Djokovic, Crow York. Servant. Oh, he's a Serb. Okay? Yeah. What do you do? Apologizing for? Well, I know there's some bad blood. Not for me. Not for me. See? You guys do all this to all You guys do this, and I've got to come out and say there's no blame other things. You know that I'm Sasha. I've never saw shit Social to 19 and Alex from our bar, calling me your was the bad blood. What's going on? What happened? Other things you said about the Italians over the years and now you're gonna get mad because I said that Give me no, no, no, but you're creating discord creating this, all right? Can't have you. You're the one you're the one scratching the underbelly of the Balkans, kid. You can't do that. All right? I won't scratch the 100. You're telling Balkan. I thought you were friends. Okay? Very good. Speaking of announcers, you guys There's a new list out that's going to make Chicago fans very happy. I'll explain that coming up next Little Bo knows Football. Ono's baseball You were listening to Carmen in your coat. Check this out on ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for Sports. Captain Jay Hood had a ex Beyonce from New Orleans. First time I was down there. I met her parents. How do you like being in south? I said I love New Orleans. They're like, Well, first of all, it's called New Orleans, New Orleans. Her mom was incredibly rude to me. Okay. Can I ask you a question? Have I done something to offend you? He said to me. Yeah, you have. You're stealing my daughter to the north. You're a damn Yankee. We broke up two days later, Carr says..

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