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What's that name has stuck forever? He is constantly commonly referred to as George all the interviews and stuff that I watched. It's at this point that we are introduced to an old friend Georges named duly back from home. This is where we get that whole like, I'm stoned bit in the fucking stoned. That whole thing this is one of those things where it's like look at the people that he surrounding himself with, and this clientele in this area of quote unquote, drug smuggling. You know, look, it's, it's just duly and tuna in Mexican guys in. That's it like then later on your fucking jump, and shit off entire islands. You're getting shot. You're getting people fucking threatening you manning. Publis c-a-b-a, right. Yeah. And it's just the esscalation is insane. And I think that this is a good time to, like mentally in this movie look around where you are because this, despite the fact that you wanna go bigger and better this, dude, if this were my life. Holy fuck what I would. I happy man. Like just living on the beach in California in the sixties. I like selling sellin. We'd like holy shit. That suck notice stewardesses all around you. Right. Exactly. But this like, it's just take a snapshot of this in your mind because this is about as good as it's gonna get. And it's crazy because you just that you can get so much better than this. But yeah, you'll even says, oh man, I, you know, I wish there was stuff like this back home. This grabbed George described. Georgia's describe George disc, grabs George's at interest, doesn't it? Yeah, he's he's in it now man. Like he's as you can say the wheel spinning in his head and everything. Oh, yeah. Gleich his soon, missing man. I wish our stuff like this back home. He's Like. like. He's a he's like a shark rd blood in the water. He talks the plan to have Barbara take a hundred pounds a week back to the east coast college towns willing to pay out the nose for their Mary, Jane. Holy fuck like what he's talking to him about, like five or six hundred dollars an ounce, I think or something like that. He said are pound that that's absolutely insane. Like now that would be like twenty five to thirty five hundred dollars. I love this montage, like you're talking about the I need more montage of duly. He's like, more more and eat more. This is fucking great. You know, and like she says, you know what are you spec to do? I can't fly back here every day, you know, can only carry two bags, we'll toward tell George, George will think of something. The crew retreat to a cabin to celebrate encounter money after successful hall, Georgia's still unsatisfied wanting to cut out the middleman. They're like, man, we made two hundred forty grand. It's not enough. Really, really? It's not enough for what? That's what is it? That's that's breaking bad. What is it not enough? For what are you trying to buy, God, you come up his two hundred forty thousand few come up and put two hundred and forty dollars in my hand right now. Hey, I'm feeling pretty good about myself. It, it, it reminds me very much breaking bad. Like in that without spoil is. He starts off with the best intentions, and it's like, once you start saying the money like starting to role in inciting to realize just how big you can go like, you know, like there's no one to stop you. There's no one. There's no one who even looking into you. Like you, you can do this pretty much unfeted. Like that. That's going to pretty much trigger something in your mind. Just like this kind of this clinic complex that you're just like, oh, well, I'm on top of the world. So. I'm gonna keep going to be honest. It's just it's just the it's just the price of ambition. Right. And it's like why stop a good thing. You know, but they were they were retreat his cabinet counting their money. And he has to speak Spanish, the these, can you can you speak Spanish? Oh man. Like there's a couple of people that I work with that English is their second language. They're like straight couple over for el-salvador couple of people from Mexico. So all the time at work. I'm like complicity say asshole. You know I'm like, how do you say this? Like like Edham constant coming up and ask them how to say stuff, and now I can tell my Spanish is getting better. Some reading the subtitles. And I'm like, Hannah that fucking word. I'm like, I know that oh. Oh, he who they put us all she called him son of a bitch fucking. No that one. I know a lot of the curse words. I don't know about. I don't know how to conjugate stuff. That's my problem. Dueling go though. That's a good app for actually learning. Second languages had that for a while on Spanish, but I've always wanted to learn Spanish, it's a fucking awesome languages. So much like simpler than English. But it fucks me out, like if you say, like, like a red car, you know, to us we'd be like a red car. Aero ho karo, but to them, it's Elkana Rojo like you say a car read. It's fucking weird. Yeah. When Leto in like, Penelope, Cruz is like going off in Spanish, I'm just like, man, this, this seems like a hod language to grasp, like she's just firing shit out of a mouth. And I'm just like fuck, right. Because later on, I was like she's speaking Portuguese. 'cause I he says, you know, Muccio Guzzo which is like it's nice to meet you. And she, she says a day which is like a likewise. But I think it's likewise in. Sorry. Just fucking set it Portuguese. I don't know if it's likewise. It's I'm not sure either way. So Georgia to screw in making their way to Puerto Vallarta Mexico in nineteen sixty nine to find some Malta wondering the streets, and asking complete strangers where to find pot. Jesus credit shoot. You aren't thought. I thought like I feel like fuck. I feel like we have a little delay calms, but does matter. I thought one of these guys was fucking. Denny try. Like that. Exactly like daddy. Cost. Any dre is in this movie. Yeah. Yeah. The guy who comes up to him at the end. He's icon. Mr. George kid. I kept I kept expecting to see fucking Dany trailer, pop up somewhere. There's no way you tell me these two fucking pretty boys. You can't you got tuna on George walking around with all these stewardesses. Go try that shit. Mexico today dude, you come up with your fucking head on a platter like like this shit on in Mexico now, like there was all this shit like a few years ago, with L Barbie, who is like a like a Texas high school football player who just fucking tried to take over the drug market in Mexico and ended up actually taking a huge bite of it, and shit like they call him L Barbie, 'cause he was like a pretty boy and shit, dude. Not only would they fuck all of these women. They would Faulk all of these men, especially Johnny deaf. I'm like, oh my God. Doc Mexico, and especially like Tijuana, schilling should scary them exit. I've always wanted to go. But like my my work. The my friends at work who were from there. Like I now know there's a reason we live here. Okay. Cool. I believe I believe, but then if we can, they're made in Mexico, eventually Georgia's approach by man who introduces himself introduces him to send Chas, who's the farmer marijuana farmer who then supplies, George. This scene is fucking great Remmel tells me you're looking for some Mota God. There's something just to Spanish language Mata like I love. I love their words for stuff man. It's great, which actually we had to take four languages when we were in high school in, like people were taking French. And it's like, yeah, you know, because in Tennessee, we have that overly large French demographic, you You know. know. Were so close to the French border. Did you think that's the way it to Lynn talion? That's yeah. Because you, you're you rattled awesome. Italian show went as scared the hell out of me in here. I thought you were finding. That's your. On you. But this guy who plays Sanchez he has been in a lot of shit, dude. Like, did you did you break ignites him from anything? I want. Hey did look familiar but I didn't look them up. What's he from? His name is Tony Tony. I'm Dollah I think. He's in zero Stargate Annabel while he's in shit. Shipton stuff. Yeah. I, I recognize him now from Annabel. He was just in the course of law. Euro europa. I definitely remember from that. So if you have to show, it, it isn't a lot of once upon a time Cowboys, just cause four shooter like he's an castle Vania terminate Terminator, Sircar, mccarter goals, hell, yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah. New girl called it black ops three. Holy shit. He's in a lot of stuff dude. But I I've always seen him in a in a shift on a south. I, I was like, is this James almost from blade runner for like two seconds? Pulls out the. Yeah, I, but I, I love the way this guy talks you kinda reminds me Mandy patinkin from Princess bride. You know, the Neo McCoy from homeland. Yeah. Yeah. But, but he's he's phenomenal. He's actually, one of my favorite parts of movie and he's such a bit part. He has to speaking lines is hardly anything. He's like, all right. So what do we do? You know I gotta play. He's known enough. I you take a little, then you come back. Louder need a little. I need a lot. Like that is like. Bolaise right. Yeah. You know, and he says, you know. Alameda, SA esta loco, blah, blah, blah. He said, Migo Migo, ONA memento. Let's say I come back in a week. I bring you fifty thousand dollars. Does that alleviate some concerns amigo, you bring me fifty thousand dollars concerns? That's fucking great. So they end up they end up making the seal. They're still in the plane this'll the plane, the take off through the desert. And so, I guess we don't even get any video of them like Eddie scenes of them selling this. We'd they just get the plane boom, they come right back and it's fucking soul. When you really need to see that, you know, we can skip right to we know what they're doing to see them. Yeah. It's like literally will wait. It just cuts. Right back to them. Right. Nas inefficient. Right. Exactly. I love they pull up to Sanchez and he's Cobb road. He's, I remember that fifty thousand dollars promise. You. I couldn't get it. He's like I like. He's like seventy five instead. Odd. So fucking awesome, dude. Actually, I've actually done that before I've, I've been I was I was. I was paying for something I think I was paying off tattoo, or something. And the guy was came in, if you can come by and a five hundred dollar income. I pay like two fifty off. All right. Cool so showed up and, and you hear that to fifty I couldn't get it. Would you get three fifty? Instead he's like you motherfucker. Use it on some people for fucking love that. That's, that's so cool. Well, I, I haven't because I pay my debts. I oh, mini Mexican drug dealers the shot of them all in the RV. Is he comes flying in the tune of the desert another way, they're actually do this, in case you're curious? They stole this single single engine says. No. And they flow it, they flew just low enough under radar to they wouldn't get picked up. That's the that were whether even able to do it. That's why they're so close to the ground they complying over..

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