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Don't try to find me. I have finally escaped my master's wicked clutches according to a report. Oh that's interesting. The twenty three year old person of interest blah blah blah. You know all that. I didn't people posted stuff on pinterest. Thought that was for selling your hand made oven mitts on how. That's all about posting picks. Don't try to find me. I finally asked my master's wicked clutches. Well he might have been complete crazy person. May maybe he was Psychotic or something. yeah. I wonder and and we also discussed yesterday. The possibility that one or more of the players in this drama are really really stupid and they make decisions. You can't figure out because they're dumb. Yeah so some of the stories that have come out. And then i'll shut up about it but some the stories that come on you know friends say he was controlling and all that stuff is so meaningless. It just you know. How would you what that mean well unless you know them. It's it's hard to even if you do know them. It's hard to. yeah okay. all right well So as dead on the lam dead okay. All right there you have. I like this in the washington post complete. Change the topic here The headline is after immigration ruling. Democrats want sweeping agenda continues to shrink president biden's governing agendas at risk of unraveling on capitol hill after mounting series of delays clashes and setbacks that have sapped momentum from an ambitious and intricate push to deliver on longstanding democratic policy priorities. I'm reminded of something. Tim sanders said many times. And that is. Gridlock is a good thing if there's not enough Folks who we elected who agree on something getting done. Don't do it. An overhaul of the nation's voting laws has been blocked by republicans. An probably unconstitutional. Overhaul by the way. mike bonus. Maybe throw that in an effort to strike a bipartisan deal. On police reforms has lost all momentum. A sweeping immigration plan to provide a path to legal residency for millions of undocumented. Immigrants is now all but dead and centrist democrats on capitol hill appear poised to pare down a plan three and a half trillion dollar economic package as their liberal counterparts in the house. Threaten in. Turn kill the bipartisan infrastructure. Deal that passed the senate last month. Boy then you combine that which is kind of the legislative side of the you know the table With all the biden administration's failures on the border in afghanistan and angering france. And the rest of it. I don't know how many people are paying attention. The french thing. I probably not not many. Yeah but yeah. Things are really kind of going sideways for all the great grandpa joe. Chuck todd of meet the press on a podcast. The other day said the biden administration has a real credibility problem after three big disasters for their credibility. obviously afghanistan. the whole vaccine thing talking and talking and talking about boosters and then the fda saying well we don't have enough evidence to show that you need a booster Getting way out in front of that. And then what was the other one the other obviously one The border Claiming you know per pretending that this whole border thing isn't happening people can can see that and look at that and think what is going on here. Oh that reminds me a little bit later on in the hour we have some some updates from the border some absolutely terrible journalism about the border. And i'm looking at a pattern in the half wit vice president's reaction to what's going on looking at a picture right now. It's incredible that seehofer humanity at the border..

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