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They would i come to significant national attention for picketing the funeral of matthew shepard a young gay man who was tortured and murdered in a prolonged homophobic attack as before opposition walls for phelps justification phelps was permanently banned from practising law in kansas in 1979 his singlemindedness in pursuing a goal at let him to attempt to destroy a witness in cold as the kansas supreme court would describe it quote the trial became an exhibition of a personal vendetta by phelps against caroline brady examination was replete with repetition battering innuendo belligerance irrelevant an immaterial madda evidencing only a desire to hurt been destroyed the defendant the jury verdict didn't stop the onslaught to phelps he was not satisfied with the hurt pain and damage he had visited on carleen brady end quote phelps filed an appeal to this case on the basis the had witnesses to present who would support his line of attacked it turned out turned out none of them had been contacted by him and affidavits he claimed to have did not exist for this he was debarred in kansas none of this would have come as a surprise to residents of peca a series of lawsuits for defamation allegations about rule plank has other prominent people opposed to phelps would be spread around phelps would fight he's kuna by any and all means at his disposal it should be said that phelps than his actions did raise issues of polemic and perhaps of importance but not as has been said it is a fast summary of liberty to say that is being one in cases involving not very noisy people.

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