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Dream means that you are running from responsibilities that need to be sorted out. So. Are you being chased by fitness instructor who's always trying to a shave? I'd. Or is it like a donut? Also. Carry those real you. Okay. Do I don't know that anybody has anything that's like that. Obvious. TV type. Dreams. Picturing this like lake. Angry go. I'm sorry I cannot picture a doughnut be angry alwaleed life volleyball appledore maybe I'll up Evelyn donut for. Great like angry birds. About then he's GonNa be mad about she's she's got her the donut. DONUT. got a pretty good midnight. So. Tasty. That's not cool. Feeling Anyway and. Get it together. Okay. So what if you are being chased financial? Okay. So this one, this is really interesting because dream analysis, it's already super subjective. Very science as well. so much size and one's internal symbolism for animals vary so greatly from person to person so. I have no real negative connotations with lions activity like my symbolism for lions as fairly standard. Could be wrong but that might be different from a person. Who's friend got too close to the lion cage at the zoo was at an old mauled by a Lion I. Don't know I. Okay. So that's add lions are actually pretty good one to analyze. If anybody watched, I think a couple of weeks ago I did a Nancy drew dreams are out a song called lions injury? Like lions and dreams something chasing. Arrow. This I. Don't know the words, but it's about like what does it mean when they're chasing you? So silly what do lions represent to you I mean? saw. Their alliance, right? Like they're beautiful but like they could each you or yeah. I even as someone who's like look at the prairie lag and like. I'm I'm aware they present a danger like if I saw one, if I saw the Milwaukee Lion that all my God do. I. Suppose Lion Loosen Tosa. Or wasn't the total lion? No No, it was definitely the Milwaukee lying because it was there were reports from all over the place. Yeah. That's a big deal June twenty or July Twenty fifteen because that was about the time that the lion was killed by that dentist and Africa I feel like there's a lot of lion symbolism going on while in July and Leo. Honestly maybe I'm making all this up because of that but I do know that there was some connection with that anyway. So yeah I would say collect and I feel like that's a collective. Yes. Like symbol yet like this is this is a Predator yeah. Tall it. Okay. So Wyans are really good one analyze again because they've been around for so long. They have this association with royalty that goes way back I think because they're like. So literally the King of the jungle You know Heracles, AK Hercules, but thus the Greek version whereas the lion head there's there. Lions are a part of Tarot imagery. As we know, they are super ferocious excellent hunters. They're strong like in the on the strength card of the Tarot deck in addition the other cards but who's stronger in that? Yeah cheers. Yes it's the woman. Yes Seaman. So lions have this valiant and courageous. Persona. And someone like the cowardly lion is really funny for us because it goes against our ideas or notions of lions. But I think with with lions courage is not the absence of fear. So I know it was real. DP So no, that's literally. That's literally from the lion. King thank you. Thank you very much for noticing migrate references. So. Yeah..

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