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Alternatives non-alternative. It's not a replacement and it is a supplemental sanitizer. It can be useful in some situations the other thing about living organisms. Uv doesn't technically kill them dead the answer. It's it's it's a fun thing. Wrap your head around. So we use the term inactivate. Uv inactivates bacteria. So if we think about how we kill bugs as really two ways to kill bugs one is to blow him up and the other is to lead them out so loading them up is basically what high concentrations of ozone do that oxidative reaction just causes that that outer outer shell of the bacteria whether it's assisted whether it's a normal gram negative bacterial organism. It just basically bursts it. There's such an oxidative reaction occurring. Think about when you pour peroxide onto a cotton see that fizzing bacteria dying. That's the peroxide reacting with the proteins in your blood. But the same thing happens when ozone reacts with bacteria basically blows it and then if you use chemicals like courts you know backwards so things like that. That's a license action. So there's a particular brand of disinfectant. We've all used at some point now. Lives it's cold. Lysol that name comes from licensing and licensing is basically the concept of chemicals swords puncturing the outer layer of the bacterial organism and it bleeds out in a dis. So blow him up. Bleed them out. But then ultraviolet comes along and it's a little different it disrupts the dna of the bacteria and so it actually think that like you've got a a ribbon of dna that this helix dna and you've got your various codes in the dna and it actually destroys some of the pieces in that demand and destroy so many that the bacteria essentially stops being able to do anything it cannot reproduce and that this works with lg works with a host of other things and facts just about anything that you expose long enough to ultraviolet light will eventually be inactivated so think about hanging laundry out in the sun those of assault. That are old enough before we fires all the time a hanging laundry out in the sun. It smells good. And that's because that bacteria got killed by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. And so we're inactivating bacteria with you the but we can't use it as you very well put. We can't use it as an alternative to corinne it's secondary it's an augmentation to chlorine residual 'cause you you've only good while it can see stuff so for that half a second that that water water flowing one hundred gallons of minutes or pool you've got maybe maybe half a second contact time on a good day. I don't think. I trust my health and safety to that half a second contact time and that's why. Nsf doesn't trust you and so even an innocent fifty certified uv system does not give you a free. Pass to use that as a primary disinfectant and especially win. It's beyond you and your family and your in a public environment or hospitality environment if if other people who depend on you too good job and you don't people.

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