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Newer immune, Mont newer immunomodulators substances such as nerve growth factor in substance peed, which will actually in some cases for for women. I believe that that's the reason why they feel this decisions during hair loss during certain types of fair Lhasa field, actual tingling or pain in the inhere fall around the hair follicles. I believe that that's in relationship to these neurological mechanisms. But basically the the system said, the brain gets hyperactive at sense down signals these nerves, they released the these factors which also stimulate the mass cells too granular increase more information, but also they at the same time compromise what is called the follicle immune privilege. The follicles have Nick system because they're conduit between the environment and the internal body system. They have a unique way of protecting himself strong information by having the immune privileged. But as. Salt of the what's been shown us at substance p for instance, this, you know, you're modulator near immunomodulating uranium substance that's released from the nurse can actually compromise that that it can actually compromise that immune privileged, which allows the follicles to be exposed to more inflammation or to trigger inflammation in the body. And that has been linked to certain types of hair loss midsouth like elevator or scarring would be show, but also obviously a process that Kim manifesto, other types of loss. Very hopeful. Thank you. I've seen people use a topical progesterone, which is another hormone to influence a hair growth as well. And there's some that some men do when you're dealing with your data that you have from neutral. Do us do tests for that. Do you see people use progesterone at all? Is that correlated with hair loss hair growth or anything. This east very important for Hecker. So alternately does stimulate the energy base that said also has simplifications for how might a contrary tripper energy production. So it's important for hair grows. Our philosophy here, however, ace to rebalance from the inside out again, bringing. Every organ has the ability to heal itself given the right conditions and circumstances. And so having the ability to. To rebel. So going backwards, for instance, you know, putting gesture on is almost like saying cap, minoxidil on, I'll cover up what's happening at the moment, but at the same time, not dealing with the Denise problem and the underneath problem in this case is actually stress. Stress will compromise Eric production, stressful compromise for just production of stressful compromise the adrenal glands in digestion all things that are absolutely important for the hair follicle to thrive and grow relive let's face it. If you look in the mirror in your Harris thinning or your some of its falling in your hairbrushes full agai. Yeah, I, of course, meditate. I'll eat some better food, etc. Etc. But seriously, I don't wanna hair falling right now. Guys make neutral rights project. We have a supplement that helps with hairless that's based on science, but as yes, I ultimately, we all want everything to internally and that certainly I'm in support of that. But if it's going to keep my hair from falling, will I get my inner house of cards in order? Should I smear that stuff on my scalp or not? Does it doesn't make a difference if you're a man or woman..

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