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With nine minutes and forty three seconds to go in the first period. And there's been some superb goaltending so far between grace and Vazza lefty, the lightning kind of get away with one there. Terri Phil LA warmer. Lightning player made a nice move to set up Paula. And he perfectly kind of shoots it off the right? Pat of as Leschi to try to get that rebound opportunity for coal and MS rebound is saved by Vazza left ski so still scoreless. But dangerous chance for the islanders that last shift. Great observation Kelly looked like look at he scores. Rape let he doesn't. He knows that. There's a good chance. There's a juicy rebound right in front visa where he put the shot. You could see he was trying to get Baz left speed. At least go down first. He takes the shot off the right, Pat. And then Pollock's right era dot coal is right there for the rebound on face. It went for Sara Lee. Heading attracts the puck by the lightning net versus it for Girardi. S to hurry here on the far side of JT Miller. You'll deal to Sara Lee at center punches it forward hadn't steamrolling after it gets to the right circle past it behind the net. Corn meeting me field. If they battled for the pot by the quarterback there too. He's got it. So really does right circle. Anthony Sallee was tied up by devante saves Torelli tries to stay with it forces the puck back to the right point Girardi shoot save crisis. Boy, he's really scared all the shots right now. dR rebound nine eight left in a scoreless. First at grace that went all the way through Girardi. Almost at the blue line just rips that one and he reads it all the way not enough traffic in front to really interfere with his vision islanders, they didn't do that. Well, at least early in his game support John's grace has had no trouble seen remarks out very well in front. A little bit of the case as you pointed out as well against Pittsburgh Murray, really got to see everything through and it made it easier for him to be able to control the rebound as well against Pittsburgh the other night. Joss Brock Nelson to the left of grace. One by Nelson Pelivan to pull lock around the near wing. It's Everley beating lead set are. Now Brock Nelson and the zone right circle. Randall poke check from Tyler Johnson was back defensively Pollock falls, upright, circle wise it by Sergei Chavis back into the icy book Li got away with it dropped a stick in the process. So he's after the puck in the far corner. Without a stick itself from point for Johnson off his stick. It's going to stay in the zone pellet right point deals that behind the net. Everley is going to have it come to him in the left circle. Check by circuits still without that. Stick point finds help covert right wing coup drop meeting clear here back for Coburn. Colbert. And finally, bounces it out to center circuit ship gets to the bench Peleg banged up. The middle Chernick knocks it down. But he sweeps it past stamkos you're gonna go for an icing. There's just a really scrambling sequence for the leading from the moment that Sergeyeva lost his stick. And they do commit the icing H one. He left in a scoreless first. Yeah. That's exactly the word. I would've used to describe it as well as very scrambled all over the place a couple of good outlet passes. That miss the execution there and the lightning get caught in their own end. Again, trying to defend the attempted icing. The attempt to clear it ends up in the icing bars. Ellen's the often stamkos boy check right point shot. Walk by Johnson, deflects outta place and outta lightning. You get the full change eight seventeen let scoreless first. Well, we talked about it in the pre game as well. This first goal is going to be huge. Because obviously when you play a team like the islanders you do play within their structure, they defend really well, and that's what they're doing in their own zone right now. So with the lead that kind of feeds into their game and allows them to play exactly how they want the lightning. Have to really try to push this puck up ice right now. Gordon bars. L Vassilis he's left. One by Tampa Bay. Ryan mcdonagh, curls. Bind, the lightning that is passive little gore to center ice drops for Polat a wheat forward at center ice. And then he rips it in grace leaves it his own at boy cheque's check by Yanni gaurd were trying to make a steal. I stamp goes pavilion takes away. He's pinned by stamkos Mobilia gets support though from Nicoletti lady calmly punches it down the ice turn quickly for Yanni. Gord the middle plot. Didn't quite get it across the blind with possession. Stamkos falls up little spin move. And he's across the line left circle. Passes blocked Villier connects with Brazelle scoring the first at Brazil, celebrating out to center ice Marcel walks into the lightning and right circle. Shoots. Save asa. Last each rebound behind the lightning at bars L tracks and left corner. Marcel. Tied up by Girardi. Where's that pockets loose right at the lightning blue line? Indulging it out his gourd. The end of a shift tonight at center ice Mayfield. Right back into lightning and right circle. Little feat calmer off right circle. Shot blocked by Girardi. Rebound is going to skip back to Scott Mayfield at the right circle reverse across as for of circle tied up a dander arty lighting a comrades. Got it. Lapointe caves point to Mayfield. A little shot blocked by variety. Rebound calmer left circle. You'll be stripped by Girardi shot it off help walk but providing support et cetera caught caddo probe on the lightning net and look to exit no score. In the first pocket makes his way up the middle at center across the blue line drop. The Joseph right point cross ice pass by law while defended by the islanders built blow wheels to center ice. Dumps it in the islanders were getting a change as are the lightning so head mental just regroup in front of the lightning net. Six thirty locked in a scoreless. First here comes headman, right wing. Feed corn one times it in mind. The islanders debt gets help. From zeke's Zeke is Jack Sara Lee a steel right corner. Miller corner. Sara Lee keeps moving Cologne, right circle. Warren battles. What can help sorority right corner? A centering pass is intercepted by pellet, right wing. It's Matt Martin getting checked by head many does follow up. I'll turn out to quarterback at center into the lightning in quarterback right circle centers it it's. Skipped through Martin's after left circle Barden. Another Senator Pete skipped through read onto the right rips, a shot wide left. He can drill it. But that miss that. Fortunately for the lightning and the rebound comes out to center. Boy regrouping from the red line made a little move to get room. And then he dumps it in. That's Lobski quick had headman versus it. Find his own at for Sergeyev back headman. I'll stop the stick..

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