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But I tell you, one thing is not going to get their family, because we're a family. Nobody can touch with that. And the biggest in. As strong as. Alumni. I mean, we're not, but one of the War I mean, nobody can take that away from us these people take it for granted. Because he's like me and Parthenon, right? I live maybe twenty minutes away from the partner. How many times I went there was forced to school to go like three times, and then I have my friends that come and visit, then they will not spend the whole day while I'm sitting at the cafe having coffee. You're Papa San waiting for them. You know what I mean something that you get every day you don't in, in Michigan? I don't know if I could say that in the, to me is the religion is really style of life, that nobody else can test say, Saturday is the holy day of obligation is unbelievable. I was in Slovakia about a week ago to, and it was, we're in this tiny little airport, and three the guys that I was gonna tripling the we're mission alumnis. Well, only aware Michigan backpack, hat or whatever we wear not ahead on your go blue. I don't know where, and it's not even an American speaking person knowing we'll go blue. It speaks you're Ross school, right guy. Right. Was not. No, no. I wasn't let Ellison international studies in economics and development. But I did a couple of miners that were at Ross, or, you know, other programs. But I mean he's smart Cuba is more like his mom, he's a lot more like his mom. Well, is that a company? Is that a compliment to Georgia? Hostile today. Perry's come into my neck today. I mean, well, it's every day who am I kidding? It's our love for each other news and you and sun and other stuff that ZIM Borodin hit made everybody that visit their offices and the football. I hit it for many, many alumni that coming back. Is there isn't whether illuminates coming back is the reason why? Okay. Now they were coming before. But as a wave right now and you guys created a wave okay? The door is always open or was welcome to listen to help, and we'll miss that for what we'll really have that. And you guys grow to back. I'll feel comfortable waiting twenty five minutes for somebody like, I'm going to be I- office to open the door for me and gimme a tag like you don't know why am I have to wait downstairs, you serve you guys. He's not even to sort of me. I'm not getting anything. How long Zemun you promised?.

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