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I do also think that another way we comfortable is is by you know when you're teaching your child to actually be potty trained. There's a lot of congratulatory. If if we congratulatory moments in our household you know. I think that would also go. You know you you walk out folks yes. I know why there should be a who luke party. There should be a poop popsicle a high five or something. I think so why not say love this idea we should. We're going to be millionaire's with some ways. We could get comfortable. We should do it. <hes> the other thing is just sort of addressing the fact that it does happen. Everybody does it so i'm going to ask you to put on your special little dealing with things hat right now so when you poop it should be the consistency of a ripe banana if it's not then we need need to address that whether or not it floats let us know how you are dealing with fats in your body whether your body's able to process fats are not so we need to be lookers. This is another big thing. I see people. Come in and wanna do a cleanse and i say well you know you have to look and it just i have seen people walk away from in cleansing the gut because they're terrified to look in their own toilet like they don't they just can't even they can't even conceptualize the idea so we have to to become comfortable with our own pooping not necessarily other people's pooping unless there your children and only to a certain age enter and then we're done with that but we have have to be comfortable with the fact that this is a natural body rhythm. It's moving waste out of our body is helping keep us healthy. It's helping to keep the appropriate bacteria where they need to be and the bad bacteria where they need to be okay. Okay so in looking at the gut and in looking at what a dysfunctional gut looks like i'm sure we've all seen and heard about things like leaky gut or gerirge. There are a number of different health conditions that go along with an unhealthy gut boot. What i think is more important is understanding. Why why how do you have an unhealthy gut the number one thing that i see with people with an unhealthy gut sar gang. You knew i was going here sugar. You're <hes> sugar is so decimating to the internal system and it doesn't matter to me if you're doing a raw sugar or a a white sugar. I mean i don't know why anybody would use white sugar for anything but sorry white sugar people growers of the world <hes> processors of the world the good news but sugar in the gut the body doesn't know what to do with it is a lot of empty calories. It causes a lot of irritation and inflammation in the gut so so typically when someone comes to me and tells me that they're having a gut problem. The first thing i do is take them off all white foods no white sugar no white flour no white rice and a lot of their problems will dissipate very quickly just kind of moving those types of food out so sugar i. I'm all about a little bit of honey here and there <hes> some people like gava. I'm not so much of a fan. I'm a maple syrup molasses honey kind of a girl if you need do you sugar make sure that you're using his close to roll sugar as you can get <hes> or by sugarcane and use that juice. That's coming from that sugarcane. That's a wonderful thing and to do as well number two and we're just gonna really gloss over this. One is alcohol. Alcohol can cause some definite despite this in the gut but we know how to keep that in check and so we're just gonna skim over that one. Are we agreed. We're agreed. I i do have a side question that i mean. I just didn't involve bourbon when no right. We don't mess with <hes> but the if you are noticing that you're having some issues. These are things that you address with people from the go. Let's talk about your sugar intake. Let's talk about your alcohol intake. So you know easy to sort of look. Look at and say maybe i'm a little too far on this old too far on that and should back off on that and you could see some pretty quick results is what you're saying and when people come in and you know one of the first questions i asked them is because i feel like if we're going to be uncomfortable. Let's just let's just hit it out of the gate. I asked him. How often do you go to the bathroom rape boom boom right there. I'm going to have a really good idea of what we're looking at after you eat. How do you feel so if you had this for dinner. How would you feel if you had this for dinner. How would you feel how do you feel oh after and then start looking at <hes> gas bloating things like that sleep <hes> gut disbelief in sleep. One of the things i see most often is people are either starving in the middle of the night. They're hungry because they don't eat enough of what what they should be eating and their body hungry in the middle of the night and they get an upset stomach and now they're awake and it just becomes a cycle pesticides in food. That's a big one but that really comes later on down the line <hes> sugar alcohol. These are the two major ones that i am going to ask about it. I'm i'm not judging someone i just i need to know right. They'll say oh well. I only have a teaspoon of sugar in my one cup of coffee every morning. Okay will well then. What do you have for breakfast. We'll have a bagel and i have oatmeal and i have an and i go will all right so let's let's look at the sixteen tablespoons of sugar that you're actually eating during the day right right you know and i drink diet coke in the middle of the afternoon so i don't get any sugars like all right well yeah. You're seeing the problem you you can and sometimes you know bringing that <hes> people get really defensive because you start type of things that they love right but also they're coming for a reason. They say i'm in pain or i'm. I'm <music>. I'm i can't sleep well at night or when i you know i it so they come and they want the help and you know unfortunately it does go to some of our favorite <hes> right but then if i have mala mars right right you know they get all upset. They do get upset which don't get me wrong. I love me a good mala mar here there but the other thing i see a lot of an and it does cause a lot of lingering issues in the gut and right now we really are just talking about physical things that are causing problems are antibiotics. I know that there are times in life when antibiotics need to be used also know that there's a lot of overuse of antibiotics six. I also know that a lot of the antibiotics that are being used are being used in animals that are then slaughtered to become food which those antibiotics transferred to you. Yeah you are affected by those if you don't have healthy bacteria in the got to start with. You don't have a starting point so one of the things that i see people do a lot is that they will say well. I'm taking an antibiotic so i'm gonna take probiotics at the same time to help rebuild my gut. Will that's great in theory except you're taking a prescription medications that its job is to kill off off all the bacteria so if you start taking heavy doses of probiotics at the same time. Is it really going to address the outside source. I that's causing the infection or is it going to address what you've put in to see what i'm saying so your body can be really confusing. This very confused so i do tell people that yes. You should take probiotics while you're doing antibiotics but if you're doing a seven day course start them at the end of day five. If you're doing ten day course i do them at the end of day seven and and then that way your body has had the time with the prescription for it to kill off whatever it was that it was is supposed to be killing off in the first place now you're kind of coming into that zone where the body's trying to rebuild something good better indifferent as far as bacteria in it. Let's build good good bacteria so adding them to the end of course of antibiotics is something that i tell people that they can certainly look into or they can certainly try and it does help to get that that gut which is now raw and an unhappy. It does help to get it back up to a healthy speed. I really glad you brought up probiotics. Because is i feel like we could do a whole episode on that. Obviously it's a huge topic but i think one of the biggest things about probiotics sure you find as people come in. There's there's a lot of confusion around it. And what should what should you take. How much should you take the range between they're so they're so many out there and what's it's the right range. There's a lot of right answers and there's no right answer so i'm going to give you my answer. I think that everything that we take into our bodies should always come first i from food right so i'm gonna look at prebiotics. I one of my absolute favorite prebiotics in the spring is danny line dandelions the first flower to come out in the spring thing. It's that transition point between winter and spring. It's where the body goes from sort of that state of laying fallow to coming back to life and being planted. Dandy lion is fabulous for dandelion tea dandelion greens as they come up. If you have a clean yard <hes> they're wonderful you can 'kansas tatum. You can have them in salads and they're such a wonderful wonderful prebiotics. They have this really great way of getting in the gut and kinda kinda kicking it back into gear after winter and giving it the prebiotics that needs so it will grow what it needs to grow. It's one of my identity. Line is one of my favorite prebiotics diabetics not only the leaves but the root the root can be dug up again as long as you know you have a clean yard and roasted like a coffee or tea. The leaves can be used in thi. It it just to me is as a spring tonic. It is one of the best things that you can do for yourself as far as boosting the growth of natural bacteria in the got beyond that it really depends on who you are. There are some people who don't want to do certain types of lactobacillus them and a really keep it very limited. I carry like three. They're all shelf stable. I don't do any refrigerated ones because if i sell you a refrigerate only probiotic. We both know you're not gonna take it and i'm gonna use your schedule in particular so you take it home. You'll take one tonight with dinner. You get ready to go to work tomorrow morning..

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