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The other negotiations within the governing conservative fawzi all this more coming up in the next hour bloomberg best for us let's check the markets and some of today's top business stories by charlie pellett a pullback for the dow the s p and nasdaq treasury yields climbed to a ninemonth peak as the republican tax overhaul passed its final vote bob manning is a financial advisor a morgan stanley in philadelphia we are saying a a reallocation money coming out of for example technology which it at an extraordinary year to provide the capital to go into stocks like retailers and and financial company and paul richards is the president of mentally global adviser still i think investors from the perspective of institutional investors are quite confident on the effect of growth as a result of this textile but i think the people on the street don't really truly under and yet and we're going to have to see what these number start to look like and see how they react going into two thousand eighteen sales of previouslyowned homes are running up the strongest pace in more than a decade with more here's bloomberg's vinny del jude ice housing recovery is boosting economic growth this quarter amid solid hiring and low borrowing costs the national association of realtors reports existing home sales rose five point six percent last month the five point eight one million at annual rate the most since two thousand six the results show brought strength particularly in the upper end market overall though low inventories the second lowest since 1999 remain in issue then he failed shoelace bloomberg radio at t which.

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