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They knew my background, and and you know I brought that same spirit of collaboration when I got to answer. So wasn't a case of you know. Hey, I got here have a lot of experience. We're GONNA. Do things my way, but you know over time in in collaborating meeting with other folks throughout the organization and just kind of explaining you know what I've done and kind of why I did it that way and learning. How would fit in with the way? It's been pretty like say quick and easy fit here. What would you say are the top three priorities when establishing a corporate development practice from scratch? Yeah, I, yeah, if boiled down to to to thing I've got. There are three priorities that I would have on my list if I was starting the function from scratch, but it really comes down to people in processes so first of all I think the first priority you gotta you gotTa Bring Deals House to have the deal. Practice right, so I think you know I established both an internal and external network of people on when you're talking externally firms people at firms who are going to be critical. You know in carrying out the function so. Establishing strong contacts within the organization and among the line of business leaders in the influencers at your company. These these are the colleagues that are closest to your business, its strengths and weaknesses. What your customers want where the market is where it's headed what your competitors are doing, not surprisingly, all of those things make those those colleagues, the best source in evaluators of deal opportunities, and then you know external parties are also an important source in deal opportunities and they. Can help provide an even broader perspective on what's happening in your market. What competitors are doing and how macroeconomic conditions affecting? The market today, and in the future which you know in the current environment that we all find ourselves in is extremely important to have that that broader understanding, and so you also need a strong bench of Goto advisors to assist you when you get to the point where we're actually doing transaction, so investment banks accounting firms law firms. To, you gotTA. You GotTa have that internal network to really get going. Get traction with you. Know doing deals identifying deals. You you also still on the on the people topic second priority I'd say is identifying specific individuals. In your company from each of the major functional areas across the organization, whose job it will be and should be to focus on strategic transaction so. Specifically these the team members that are going to need to focus on transaction, be diligence and the evaluation of a target company. Help you assist help, assist you with addressing issues that come up in diligence to their functional areas, specifically and helping to develop a an integration plan that affects their functional area he. Corp Dad's. Leader. You can't know everything. You're not an expert in all areas across the organization, so you really need. An extended team of people to help you. In your work, and then lastly on the process front, so you need to develop repeatable processes and templates. For each stage of the transaction life cycle, and they should be developed again getting back to that collaboration point. They should be developed in coordination with the transaction team members and stakeholders internally. They should be tailored to.

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