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Betcha hop on the trending girl said today. That's right. Manscaped will be at Santa's sack. Wait, wait was okay moving on from that Santa uses it to ya. Beti does off. Mrs. Claus is Happy okay from balls to titties as in City babies. See we transition on this show. So well my goodness the sweetest person at the bar Suite marriage got the link and I told her it was a little explicit cuz she was a sweet couple George and Mary we met at the bar Seahawks fans at Joey, you know, we started talking. Anyway, super sweet moved here from Washington, and we started talking. And Joey's like well Jason's got this podcast with Amy and she's like, oh my goodness. What's the link? I'm like, oh sweet Mary. It's really squeamish. So we marry if you're still here with us. Thank God. Thank you for surviving all of the awful talk. So far especially the ball sacks. Thank you. Okay, so 2D babies the NFL players and coaches who complain the most this is a survey who looked at the NFL players and coaches, obviously that whine and complain to officials and not surprising the biggest Steve Azar Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Now what it's worth. It's just a poll of what fans think it's still a survey though. So, this is okay. So this is how we're going to bring it down five and five on quarterbacks and coaches. So the quarterbacks you complain the most are so we already said the number one was Tom Brady Amy. Have you seen the list I have I'm looking right now. Okay. I was going to say yes, but you got the list in front of you number two. No shock Cam Newton. Kitty baby kitty baby he's always like taking the blame for how bad his team is. So yeah, I mean I could I could sort of see that. Well, he should take them how bad as fashion is start their number three Josh Allen of the Buffalo. That's surprising. I never hear about anything that he says like a nice. I mean, I know the bills are having a bang-up season, but I forget about him cuz I just I don't hear enough about him. She said I forget about him here is a live audio. Look at what he's telling officials. Who is she gets cold. That was how he.

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