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There is a simple memorial at the end this the names of those forty eight paratroopers were killed trying to get across. They were young men. Eighteen nineteen twenty years old on august. Twenty second issue. There was the two thousand and five hundred sunset much or walk as they cross. The pairs of light slowly came on pair after pair. Thank you the other story. I happened to come across as a newspaper. Clipping out of the manhattan mercury in may forty nine hundred. Eighty eight startled spring days. Remind him of another. May it's written by james. I who was assigned to the fifty second heavy bomber group. He flew the war to drop food. Over vest and part of the netherlands amsterdam you drag rotterdam pirates of the country which were still occupied and people were starving. There was no food in the cities. I remember looking up at the tiny planes is wrong. Vapor trails formation after formation to sun shining on the a truce was arranged and there was an order to modify the heavy bombers so they could carry tons of food to be dropped from three hundred feet on a bomb scott strip. It would be a free fall drop. What strikes me of this recollection is the honesty of the expressed fears by the crews to come in so low so many planes without any vague or form to be able to defend themselves. It's no one that that pilots and crews ver- anxious the flying fortress b seventeen to golf and settled in position in the formation. They headed east across the north sea coming from england thus to be radio silence approaching the dutch coast. Diverse show that they could see the roles of biped via strung out along the beaches. They could see german soldiers patrolling. They started to relax as they flew over the german. Anti aircraft guns but no shots were fired. Certainly they could laugh. Estee flew long. They passed over fields of chile blooms all blooming as they limited long and they're approaching drop zone day saw bed. Dutch grows had yanked flowers off the jubes in a huge field. And it's plainly spelled as read from the air but not seen from the ground. Thanks yanks the planes roared on and dropped their cargo thousands of c. rations. The cheese of the people on the ground could be heard as two planes thundered low over the city of amsterdam day saw german soldiers on foot some on tanks and other vehicles people student roofs waving the plane stern northward across the south sea now reclaimed and made into farmland then back across the north sea to the base in eastern anglia england. Another mission completed the water mission. Soon the war will be over but more people had to die then. Germany surrendered and people slowly picked up the pieces. Then i came to kansas in april. Seventy four i met people who had flown. Does food bishops. I thanked them guy. Vander hoven of kansas state university. Thanks for listening in eric. Atkinson for agriculture bay over the state radio narrow..

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