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43 years ago, we had on a guest at the at the urging of my good friend, Ross talker. Who said I've doing a podcast with a professional gambler named Ah, A stated that Steve Physic is a brilliant and Steve Physic has made a living on gambling that he bats on futures here. And And when we had Steve on, this was AH Early 27 states. They've said I don't want other people think about the Eagles are gonna win the Super Bowl. Where is he Did september of that year. You're out of your mind. You're out of your mind. No, I bet a lot of money on it. They're gonna win the Super Bowl. And that's the year they wanted, Super and ever since that now we have seen him as a sage. And and right now we're going to have mine a few minutes because I can't even if you're a gambler, and you're trying to gamble on the games being played right now in baseball and about to be played in basketball and hockey. You haven't had the image you have a disadvantage. How much harder is how much easier is it? Because you're in this bizarre, bizarro world we're in right now. He's going to explain that to us, then meal is to say. I'm going to go to Eagles 9.5. He's going to tell you where, whether bet Thea under the over and he's going to give you a lot of information from the perspective of somebody making a living. Predicting what's going to happen in sports? You do not want to miss the physical, the top of the hour. I promise you, he al has He always been amazing. And he really he has opinions based on his payroll, his his own pocket and how much money is there that matters He's made a matter's been alright. Let me do a little before we do that. Let me do a little hockey and Ambassador Boca's hockey That's starting Sunday. Flyers Flyers sundown, Robin Tech, but it does cow in terms of your seating for the tournament, right? Yeah. All right. What do you feel right now? I don't think it matters there Seating. You know, I think that this is just this is this is to make it fair so that the favorite teams actually play games. I think it's a good idea there like there's no home ice. Now there is unless you're Toronto, but you know, no home ice, but I just think it's important to see the goaltenders playing really well. I was impressed. They played pretty well. That last game. You know what they look. They look good is coaching more important because you've been down for this long. Probably probably more Well, it's more important anyway. I mean, he's done a really good job. He's done a terrific job and get everybody together, but just being healthy coming in. Their timing. Good. And most importantly, that you're goaltenders are sharp because you're out if you're you know. Yeah. You're out of the sides of the law. And this kid hearts looking good. All right, Billy this's fat Saturday. The Sixers resumed the season. Like they're going to play this out because I want TV money right? They had some sort of a number of games. They had to play to get the big cheque give all to get the regional. So teams get the regional money, and I think that's why they're playing. But also there were some teams that were close to making the playoffs. It's starving shot, especially that That's why you have some things in the Western Conference is so I think they wanted to play to give those team the chance to play. All right. Obviously the big question is going to be in bead, right? Are you going to play him beat now, when these games you're in the playoffs, right? Are you going to risk losing him with this tight left calf? Tightness. Whatever the hell that is. He's always got a problem. You know that right? What are you going to do? How you going to deploy him getting into, you know, leading up to a playoff? Well, the one thing is they're not going to fall, but those six now they could climb the Five, possibly four. But you're either going to play Boston Miami, one of those teams there, So to me, I'm monitoring is injury and trying to get him in top game shape for the playoffs, So I'm not pushing him in his first game if he's going to play plan a little bit And game ups about time year played at last game of the 10 games. He's ready to go. You said something earlier in the show. I just want to pursue it for second, you said. Ben Simmons. Move Shake Milton should point guard all that. Is really Kind of a sense of desperation. By Brett Brown BREAD. Brown's got to succeed to some degree to get a chance to come back next year, Right And I don't think bread is as concerned about coming back. I think bread will get a job. No, I think I'll get a job right whether it's one year two years. I don't think I think he just realized, you know, I'm going to do what I think has ever been in a point guard and I can just think he's like, you know, I'm going to put my best players on the floor and I don't think he's concerned. Know what position bins playing? I think he's a basket player. How far does he have to go? For ownership difficult. I think they gotta play good basketball. If they were to lose in the first round seven games in the game seven. I could see him coming back. Really? I think it's just how they play and when when they lose that they do lose it how they lose. Okay. If it hits the ground war thing goes in, He might be okay, but I won team. I don't want to see them. They shouldn't want to play. The flows in the first round is Toronto. Cause that's the one team of you is that I think will be ready to go. They're young, their job and they are the defending champs. The guys had that mentality of winning..

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