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He's the best best the Paul finebaum show podcast, welcome back to the Paul finebaum show. This is our number two. I'm Brad Edwards filling in for Paul today, and let's get back to your calls starting with I'm and good afternoon. Great. Gore's going. Great. How are you. I'm doing well, man. It's good to hear your voice on here. It's been awhile since you've sat in and there's been too long. Yeah. Yeah. And you wonder smartest men at ESPN I know SEC network and that kind of thing. But the bottom line is everybody works for. Yes, Pnn everybody works for Disney and everybody works for somebody who may anyway, like this. You know, I'm not one of the callers that needs to be coach you my favorite. What you think about our quarterback, how are we going to be this year? I don't take coaches. I don't follow players. I don't care what coaches said. 'cause they all say the same nonsense we'll go. Joe power and fast wins means weekend, but you know, I enjoyed talking to guys like you because I enjoy listening to callers and listen to different opinions. But I always enjoy when one of the guest house come in because it's three, you guys can to rotate a lot and all three of unique to yourselves and great personality. And you control the show just like insure. Well, thank you man. You know, let me ask you what you think about this. Caller will call in about his team, Wendy. What do you think about my team? We got chances then on Wednesday, same caller, same thing. Now, what do you really really think about our team and chances and then on Friday? Is there any hope for my team and chances? I mean when when you hear people asking the same questions about the same team, they do those people listen, or do they get so one track in what they want to say. And then when the bell goes off, like a desert, when you pull somebody up, does the shock go through them and they just get stage fright cause they know millions and millions and billions of people all around the world in little satellites, best story to stars and throw the dark holes in suck O's and everything else and being back, do you think that kinda makes them a little nervous that does happen every now that you can tell you can tell when you're listening? I can tell what I'm hosting. When the the click happens and you're, you're on the air and. Then all of a sudden you can sense the person discount of. I wish I had some smooth sauce and a wish I knew where these more runs worse. We wake him back up, but there's nothing you can do. That's nothing you can do. They just gonna be who they are and you know what? On Wednesday and Friday, you're when asked same question, and that's who they'll be up until they wake up in the middle of the season and three and six. And that happens for more of them than there are nine or no, yes, it is. And you know, the one thing of learned about Nick saving, Nick Sabin when you listen to them and all the all the media people, they, they just got Nick, Sabin perched up there. You know, Nick Sabin went through this thing where all we need is a game manager. A game manage. I saw we need. We don't need the superman of superman quarterbacks. We need a game manager and guess what? Auburn has always had quarterback running backs in tackles, and, and but savings getting managers. Now, the sudden saving has to have tackles and tied ins and and quarterback. He's got to have a quarterback. Pudding, Nick Sabin up on this pet store. The game is so far out in front of Nick Sabin. He has to catch up, but everybody says, oh, he's the best there is the best to ever will be. And right now who bear, who bear, who shook who break this one, we are Auburn, Tigers our damn equal. We're only getting faster great..

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