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What happens sometimes well. What do you mean they see their? They see their worse than friends. They say Oh, you know. Maybe that wasn't a good idea. Maybe I Saddam. Well? You know that's fine. That's fine and but. The point is is that you know it wasn't from a lack of of effort as it's never been in the past, but if you missed the story Ron Rivera told the Post. He's been working with Dan Snyder in recent weeks to come up with a new name for the organization, and he hopes that it can happen within the next two months. Here's some of the quotes. If we get it done in time for the season, it would be awesome. he said that he and Snyder have been talking about a name change for more than a month roughly around the time, tribal leaders, politicians and others started their latest push for Snyder to to reverse his longstanding policy and eliminate a name that is a dictionary defined racial slur. He added Snyder's started speaking in earnest with NFL officials about the move two and a half weeks ago and suggested the owner is ready to make the move. He said quote. We came up with a couple of names two of them I, really like closed quote. Although he declined to reveal what those two names were Rivera said that he believes the most important criteria for new name is at its respectful of native, American, culture and traditions, and is also a tribute to the military and he said quote. We want to do this in a positive way We WanNa make sure that the name won't be a joke closed quote. So. There you go That was that was from Ron Rivera on the fourth of July. He was also asked Tommy about the comments which came. Roughly a week ago on that radio station in Chicago six, seventy, the score where he said now is not the time on the name. And he said he didn't address it directly on that radio program in another city, because quote that's meant for the DC area. That is our conversation closed quote. Well, that's very whether he's telling the truth or not. That's a very good answer. I think that is a good answer. You're right. I didn't actually think about whether or not. That's a good answer I. Very Savvy Answer It's it shows an understanding of media. and that's very savvy of him, and that's very good. If you're a redskins fan, because apparently right now. This is the only guy calling the shots in the organization. This is it. One of the things we've learned from Reno's post stories is that that's neither have? A lot of sounding board. for opinion, and that's because he drove away most of sounding boards. The only sounding board he really wants is the one who said Yes dan. You're absolutely right, and that's a nice yacht. You got to but right now. It's the guy who was hired in December. is in charge. Up, pretty much every. And Yeah some of the things that came out of that story about the current state of the organization. Basically you know indicates more than not that it is a bit of a mess right now that there is a need for another team president type of person in the Organization of course after Lav Amina. WHO's GonNa? Take the job. Bruce had it for obvious reasons, but some of the quotes that came out of that post story quote, according to to people who work directly with Snyder redskins issues issues, his decision. Making style is driven more by personal whim than by expert. Council he goes through his ROLODEX and calls random people until he gets an opinion, he likes he follows. Set another person with five years of direct experience. He seeks advice, but he only here's what he wants to hear. His favorite phrase is you. Don't know what you're talking about closed quote. And this is why you know. He's attracted the people that he's attracted over the years it's it's remarkable and again I mentioned this many times. The outkick the coverage in hiring Ron. Ron Rivera Ron Rivera. I don't know if I mentioned this on the podcast. Somebody told me Rivera wanted back into the NFL so badly because he felt like he was so wronged and Carolina and this was the first in the immediate opportunity that ensured that he was going to be coaching right away. I don't know if the cowboys are. The giants would have ultimately hired him. Obviously Carolina wasn't but Yeah I mean. Well, you know out good friend and legal adviser. Neilan Rockville came up with a great idea for Snyder for team. President! Mike, Rizzo We! WHO's only got four months left.

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