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And businesses of filed a lawsuit claiming governor Abbott's executive orders on covert nineteen violate the Texas constitution Houston attorney Jared Woodfill as president of conservative Republicans of Texas governor Abbott was not elected to protect our health he was elected to protect our constitutional rights it seems that he's forgotten that it's our rights that are paramount and that's what his job is to do to protect our rights and he's not doing that we'll still says he expects to hear from the court on when it will respond to this sometime today stocks have been down as traders await the president's remarks on China tensions between Washington and Beijing have been on the rise over China's new national security law for Hong Kong Kate's hearing twenty men Patchen says things got a little better when the fed chairman spoke markets are off the lows of the day following comments from fed chair Jerome Powell he says the federal reserve is quote days away for making what he calls main street loans to businesses right now the Dow is down one hundred eighty nine the S. and P. is down a dozen but the nest egg is up twenty or future oil contracted thirty three forty five for ten county sheriff calls it a friendly fire accident a deputy constable was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow deputy when he was mistook for a suspect at a home in Sienna plantation overnight Caleb rule was a fifteen year law enforcement veteran trump administration continues the back and forth with Twitter accusing the social media platform alleged bias in their content moderation the White House escalating its dispute with Twitter reposting a tweet for the president's personal account that the social media giant had just taken the unprecedented step of hiding because it violated the platform's rules Twitter use what it calls a public interest notice to flag the president's original post meaning the tweet will be hidden behind a notice that says this tweet violated the Twitter rules about glorifying violence Twitter then to fix the warning label again all the reposted tweet on the official White House account in Washington John decker fox news riots and fires continue in Minneapolis fox's Matt Finn is there with the latest this entire business district was hit hard by looters the police now demonstrating a show of force trying to protect the fire crews not far behind them who are still extinguishing flames this morning and there are countless businesses that had their windows smashed or entirely looted the full scope and tally of destruction is just very disheartening and there is still smoldering buildings are there's just been a cloud of black smoke across the city four hours if not days now that's meant soon in Minneapolis again all eyes will be on Cape Canaveral tomorrow afternoon for a second attempt to launch a SpaceX rocket with two astronauts on board the first launch from the Cape in a day decade energy secretary Dan Burr let says well there's just a fifty fifty shot at acceptable whether everybody understands that obviously get a safety is first we want to protect the lives of the astronauts we certainly want to put anybody in danger but I think this is very excited about this particular once we watch the weather very closely and look I grew up down in south Louisiana so we set our clocks by those afternoon thunderstorms after Wednesday's rocket launch was scrubbed a woman and her husband stopped by a five guys in west Melbourne Florida and they ran into SpaceX founder Elon musk in the they would be the first time NASA has launched astronauts on a private space ship using SpaceX's crew dragon capsule and the woman told Florida today must stop for photos and it was a cool experience even though they were preferred to see the launch obviously our next update is at eleven thirty and now the.

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