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Well I tried to learn a little bit from the experience, my predecessors and others who had been in the White House It was clear that the he didn't listen to long briefings. He certainly didn't read anything at length. It wasn't in a newspaper like the New York Post He He. He didn't like complex intelligence briefings met many of the briefings were taken up with him talking not the intelligence briefer so I tried to adjust to that personnel. For example, many who recommended well sitting down in the situation room and having long. Meetings so he'll be brought to the right decision just doesn't work. That doesn't work like that. So, I tried to give him what I thought were critical facts I tried to make sure he knew what the options were, but it was very very difficult to do anything in a systematic fashion. You've said that we owe a lot of gratitude to vice president pence for the work that he didn't private with the president when someone needed to talk. The president out of his worst instincts was Pinson usually the one who filled that role. Does the president respect him enough to actually take counsel seriously. Well I don't WanNa get vice president pence into any more trouble than probably already putting you know he He has fulfilled the classic role of Vice President unlike the other advisors hands resigned I mean he was elected as well and he's there for four years. At, nor nor did he say you know I spoke to the president primarily I think he's not that kind of man either a lot of what he did. We may never know in full but I I do think the president understood that when Vice President spoke to him, privately was speaking with. The president's own best interests were and I. think that had a significant impact. And oftentimes the president appears to lack a coherent policy on a number of issues for instance one day he's threatening fire and Fury Korea, and then he's proclaiming that he and Kim Jong, UN or quote unquote in love, there are plenty of examples of him contradicting the official State Department stance on NATO and other issues and yet trump's defenders love to say that trump is playing three dimensional chess, and it's all part of some scheme that the rest of us just aren't smart enough to understand, and they often point to Richard Nixon and the so-called. Theory of diplomacy that he's supposedly deliberately irrational and Dick able to put our adversaries on their heels, or to dissuade them from any aggressive moves for fear of provoking this highly volatile president. Did. You see any evidence of a grand strategy that guides all the tweet storms, the erotic behavior and policies that seemingly change.

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