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Listen up everybody makes it quick and easy to shop for furniture electronics and appliances. Before you go to a store here to apply that errands dot com to discover your lease and power. You'll immediately know how much you approved to lease to own a platform your phone or computer. Then visit your participation air store to shop. Top brands like samsung g. E. ashley and hp. You can shop with confidence knowing. You're already approved errands. Easy beautiful affordable approval is valid only at assigned store. Location approval is not guaranteed some restrictions apply. I'm anne cox you may know me from. Orange is the new black or disclosure. My hope it's at people listening to the laverne cox show gain new perspectives. That will inspire them to live differently. They're all of these things that we just accept as natural normal and inevitable. But they're not listened to the verne cox show in the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Don't yuck somebody else's yum make sure you subscribe and shannon. Today show is pre recorded. Mackenzie soon joel Bill turn turn pro komo. Uh-huh show will good morning effort potty. You're listening to the voice. Come on dig.

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