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The trial was a devastating blow to the cult members saw shoko humiliated defeated and stripped of his god hood the senior members they held in such high regard mocked shoko for the ridiculous claims he made to lower level members even equal hiyashi show goes most trusted follower yelled at shoko in the courtroom and criticised him for all of his manipulative tactics after the trial omission rikio lost eighty percent of its followers law was shoko many of the senior members also fell quickly hisako ishii e who left argun shoe was shoko and became show goes first disciple was in prison for helping shinri members who participated in the subway gassing even though few people were unconvinced by her belated halfhearted confession and renouncement of shoko she was nevertheless released in two thousand two mogul asahara showcause wife renounced shoko in court apologized to family members of her victim sms and even donated money to them however given that much of her wealth came directly from extorting her victims it was unlikely that her gestures were motivated by anything except selfpreservation her defence attorneys tried to argue that she was merely a disciple who was indoctrinated by show goes mindcontrol techniques but other members described her as being a partner to shoko nodded disciple some even said that to molkho had a profound influence and reinforcing show goes cruel policies nevertheless to mocoa was sentenced to seven years of prison in 1998 which was reduced to six years allowing her to be released in two thousand four q ajita higher coworld the construction minister who oversaw all of owns assassinations was charged with organising the murder of tsutsumi and his wife and baby son due to his callous ability to organize the multiple brutal murders on behalf of aum shinrikyo prosecutors believed that keo he day did not possess a single shred of humanity.

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