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Five. Hey coming up in fifteen minutes. Attorney general Brad Schimmel speaks for the first time publicly since his defeat about what led to that defeat for him. And for governor Walker Charles Benson landed the interview Charles Benson. Today's TM J for is with us. That's coming up at four fifty one after five months of fan voting. We unveil the first part of our Green Bay one hundred all time 53-man Packers roster. Chase orgy shows. You the best on defense and special teams that you picked over the first one hundred years of Packers football. The members of the greatest full team roster in Packers history span from curly. Lambeau earliest teams to three who are currently on the roster. We start with a special of special teamer. I the guys who kicked. Mass day and kicker Chris, Jack, Chris Jackie Bob. Next an expert at blocking kicks hall of Famer Ted Hendricks man pulled off the most important kick return in Packers history. Howard now to the defense starting with the Cornerbacks. Lombardi aero hall of Famer her matter. Buchanan current Packer, trauma Williams and a teacher, canton inductee. Safeties the inventor of Orlando leading. The touchdown any hitter. Chuck so one a three to eight players and hall of Famer, Don Hudson and another hall of Famer Willie wood. And outside linebacker, eighty stalwarts. John Anderson and Mike Douglas, Douglas. For the green the claim maker. Hall of Famer Dave Robinson. Now on the inside the roster includes Jim Carter from the seventies to a hall of Famer Clark ACL jolly Howland from the eighties and nineties and yes hall of Famer rain Green Bay Packers have come up with a ball and rain is the man who fell on the defensive line. The tackles include the grave digger Gilbert Brown Lombardi era stars hog hand, Henry Jordan today stars Mike Daniels. Defensive end. Our be Banja Landau Aerostar our rose and three homeowners. Cal Hubbard Willie Davis. Got it. And arguably the greatest defense event to ever play the game the minister of defense. Reggie y Netflix will unveil offense. I am not true. And.

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