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To have like a careerhigh receptions along the way i think they're gonna use them on the outside mostly and i think in newroz he was he was everywhere so that's something watchmen julian edelman's clearly a sloc guy and a so cooks on the outside i it's going to be hard for him to kit more than like eighty catches but i could see like 75 with ten or eleven touchdowns that's a great year some guys that had bad years last year the andrei hopkins kelvin benjamin but like where are you willing to roll the dice to take guys like that who hopkins bragging of a different quarterback certainly that he did last you to start and brandon marshalls on a completely different team that he was last yeah i mean it's it's casebycase basically i mean i look at hopkins situation and i think the tom savage while not a future star in the nfl can always get him the ball what we saw one hawkins last year was so rare where a top receiver just couldn't get the ball and he was still getting the targets and now robinson was another one but the situation with one of them changed injure in jacksonville blake bortles either is the quarterback and is going to be bad or it's gonna be chad hanney who might actually help i'll robinson but this almost no way alan robbins who could do what he did two years ago so in a brand of marshall i think will be an end zone guy but not a big catch sky that fats makes sense like not sixty catches but i could see eight or nine touchdowns means shepherd was a big touchdown guy last year they use them a lot of time when they got close to the end zone much to douse dismay so i think it get it depends on the player whether you want a bounceback expect a bounceback tses i also like a you brought up calvin benjamin dave and and when you're removed from the acl injuries always better for an athlete he came in lighter camp this year much better physical shape and the confidence in the leg is there now and i think they have different weapons is particularly including christian mccaffrey that may change how they're able to open things up i like.

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