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Ken anderson. Sixteen years with the bengals for pro bowls played. The super bowl led the league in passing five times. I believe how is how is he not in the hall of fame other than because he played for the bengals being in the hall of fame includes being one of the greatest players that your position of your generation. Right ken anderson was one of the greatest players at quarterback in his generation. He should be in the hall of fame. Also should be in the hall of fame ken riley sixty five interceptions in his career number five all time in nfl history. The number one interception total for a corner in nfl history at true corner guy the play corners. Oh career how's that guy. Not in the hall of fame makes no sense absolutely no sense for ken riley not to be in the hall of fame but he will be in the bengals ring of honor. And it's cool to see this finally getting off the ground it's long overdue and i still want like give him crap for for taking this long but took you so long. What took you so long. But i won't be. I won't be critical. They've gotten things right this summer. They're aimed in the right direction again. Like i said one of the things that they've definitely got right is the way that they've planned out these announcements on days where they can get their fair share of the media cycle where they can get features on every local. Tv station where they can get time on the radio. Time for us to play. What can anderson had to say about being nominated into the bengals ring of honor. First of all my thanks to the bengals organization for taking a chance on a log. Astana college back in one thousand nine hundred seventy one and giving them a chance to develop. And it's really an exciting day for me to go in with kenny riley. He was my longest tenured teammates. That i ever played with so that that is really exciting and you know. I'm just so grateful that the bengals are doing this ring of honor and you know i think for one of the reasons that kind of remember some of the guys from the past. I think we have a long tradition of success in winning. And cincinnati started back in the seventies certainly going to the playoffs and the third year. Nineteen seventy before. I got there. But seventy three seventy five in those years that we were as good as any team in the football the national football league. Unfortunately the pittsburgh steelers happened to be an our division but i will take satisfaction the fact that we won more games against pittsburgh than any other team during that period of time. But i think you know and again. I go back especially to the guys in the sixties and seventies the bob johnson's and the bob trumpy and the mike reads and tommy casanovas. And the lamar parishes. My gosh is essex. Johnson is gonna running back and we had you know except maybe for that early knee injury and his career and then we can kind of bring back some of those memories and i think sometimes people forget today especially around the country that the bengals have a long and rich winning tradition in the national football league scott. I'm really glad that we can kind of focus on that. And it'll be a fun night. September thirtieth and the thing. I'm most excited about is. We had some success back in those days. And i see a lot of success coming from the bengals in the future there. You go ken anderson talking about his selection to the bengals ring of honor. That's gotta getting getting put up there by the fans get nominated by the fans when i was. Here's what i was worried. I was worried they were going to skew to the more recent stuff. Right chad johnson. Even you know willie boomer guys like that. Those guys are going to get in. So it's not a problem if those guys would've gotten in right away. It just deserved to be munoz kenny anderson. Ken riley in that first group like their names should be up there before anybody else. It's like the cincy three sixty ring of honor here right to of the first three names. Paul brown anthony munoz somehow tony. Pike's name is up on that wall before david west. Rose lavelle. sean. Casey luke keithly ken riley tony pike on the ring of honor before the cincy. Three sixty ring of honor. Before ken riley anderson before kenyon martin an investigation needs to be done question now becomes. Who's next. who's next chad. Johnson's the easy one right. Sorry i hung up myself chad. Johnson's the easy one right. I think i would vote lap. Maybe that's the media guy in me as lap was a very good player for the bengals and then has become well. Dan hoard is the voice of the bengals. Lap has become the voice of the bengals. Right right when you hear labs voice. That's the first thing you think bengals. I think i think that has to be a consideration right. Like he is. An old timer is a guy that had a storied career as a bengal and he's been part of the organization. Most of his life joe nuxhall was revered like that right guy that gave his whole life to the cincinnati. Reds lap has done that with the bengals willy anderson. Definitely be in contention there for the next round. We assume the next round is going to be too. I think that's a safe bet. And i think that's the right way to do it right. You do the two locks which were brown. And muna's paul brown anthony muna's and then two more as like.

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