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Ten minutes to go and we will get back to the callers after a couple of the interviews. Mike is up next in texas. Hello mike hey paul. Thanks for having me on. It's been a long time. Thank you mike. Hey i was going to go back to that coaches poll and on i'm just gonna ask you so. I don't have to put my two cents unless you want me to sure would you take Very switzer bill snyder It's not even a. Let's not even debatable. I mean very switzer at number. I mean i wouldn't put bill snyder. My top forty. Maybe but he's not ahead of build a level edwards and bill. Schneider need to go from that list. Can you imagine the. But i'm i know he's a big twelve guy but i wanna tell you. I think he has a personal Vendetta against oklahoma. Because i want to ask you the next one bob stoops Behind mack brown. That so obvious. It's it's ridiculous bob. Stoops i felt was the third best coach of his era. And what. I with what i mean by that is the urban meyer nick saban. I think bob was right right there. After that He was a phenomenal coach and I mean he was really devalued in that list. They mike brown treated me and my last one is that Kirby of jorgi. He gets ranked. Yeah he was on there He was way down Kirby was In the kirby was near the bottom of the top one hundred but the one that really gets me. Was mike leach. Being ahead of of sugar. Your vince dooley John major's and phillip fulmer. I mean that is just beyond laughable. But it's not a shot of mike leach. He's a very good coach and he does have influence. But you can't rank him ahead of some of those legendary coaches. I'm sorry no. But when i saw when i saw last night or ahead of the dow was that was a guy who decided to put his personal biases on a list. That should that if he was if he was using analytics. That's one thing. Bill snyder or does very good credentials and and i agree he. He did a phenomenal job at kansas state. But he blew the biggest game he was ever in. And i think that was against Was it against baylor. i can't remember. Where had he won the game. He had been playing for the national championship. So i mean you've got you've got to. You've gotta get there to be considered among the best and if you're in the top ten in college football history in in the last fifty years and you never played for a national championship. That's that's absurd. Three of them. Yeah had more. Yeah but so. I'm i looked at it. And i said i'd like to know the guy is from the twelfth country but it sure looks like he has to be from the state of kansas. It's very foolish list. Hey thank you so much. Brian is in north carolina. Hello brian hi paul how you doing i wanna Piggyback off for the oklahoma sooners. Now i'm fifty nine years old. I was born and raised in brooklyn. New york elect last year's up and moved down to charlotte north carolina as a kid growing up. In in in the seventies we have no college football teams in new york so i root for nebraska cornhuskers of nebraska and barry switzer used to kill us. Every time i looked he Has a record of twelve and five against tom. Osborne and My question is this. Why is an objective college football fan. But i'm a huge nebraska cornhuskers there. How is ours born ahead of switzer and my second question is when when will nebraska get back to plums. Yeah i think it's difficult to answer the first part brian. I i don't know nebraska's coming back. I i i believe that scott for us was the right person and he is not moved the needle one iota. I missed that rivalry. I miss those days. No i You you are. I mean you remember. Barely i'm sure I'm a couple of years older. But they game in one thousand nine hundred seventy one. I mean there. You can debate texas arkansas and sixty-nine versus that game but those are the two biggest biggest college football games. I remember of of my youth and you know maybe because one was on thanksgiving day it stood out a little bit more but That that that they're playing in a couple of weeks as you know but it was one of the iconic rivalries of of all tyrone. Thanks so much for the call really appreciate it. We are heading to a break. We still have an hour to go on. What has been fascinating program. Fennel say so myself. We're coming right back..

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