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Leslie, Liam bridges and his band doing. If it feels good that it must be from his latest record. Good thing. Leon fat. Some Ben there so killer man, thank you for having the killer band. Thank you very much. The last time you run. I remember it was it was like on the release of the first single not even the row. So shortly after that, you must have had a realization that things were going to get pretty crazy for you man, for sure I mean, everything was a lot of stuff being thrown at me. And I was just having to just kind of go with the flow, you know, but definitely made me a stronger person. Let's talk about some of that stuff. That was being thrown at you. You're being called the new same cook. You're being called the new Otis Redding. How did the expectations around your music star to impact you, man? I think a lot of people held me to this standard of of being Sam Cooke, Otis Redding prototype. But honestly, like all those comparisons just kinda boxed me in. And so that. Inspired my shift with with the new album. Good thing. I see this record came out even the first single bad bad, bad, bad news, when that single came out of just took over my Instagram. It got so many positive reviews. People loved it so much that that must have been very rewarding to you for people to love this new record so much. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't know how people were going to respond to it. Considering that this.

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