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It's overwhelming. Now, Manager reveals news to be your hand, Jake. Oh, no. Those New Yorkers are leaving the city and common here. They are coming here here. What would a New York or want here? You're a job. Look at this application from its Upper West Sider. It's says she's an expert in Porta Bellows travels Craft beer in Percocet and Tramadol. Which is called Per cassette light are those years West Siders in the barn. It can't end well. That's next time. I haven't seen any big drops and rent is that my imagination? There haven't been any big drops and rent. I love it on the Lower East side. When they got an apartment. Put a new sheet rock. Take a one bedroom divided in half. Now, you have a five by eight cell. They call it a two bedroom. I mean, what's that? Owen? It's 3200 month. Doesn't sound like a great bargain to me. Not a great bargain to me. So we have fun on this show. I think we can talk about other things. I think that's the lesson, but I'm serious. I don't see any reason why these people who said one or two dumb things Have to blow a 30 or 40 year career for being stupid for two words. Where is forgiveness? These people have begged for forgiveness. The guy with the Kansas City Royals, the Cincinnati Reds, the radio station in Cleveland, They have begged for forgiveness practically on their knees. Where's the Christian part of this? Where they can be forgiven. How did why doesn't that equate? Instead? No, they're going to be fired right now. This is never that's all. It's always the same life. We don't talk. We have zero tolerance for this kind of thinking. Zero tolerance. We won't tolerate it. When you're me. And you're talking about these subjects. There's always the risk that someone will think I think what they said is okay. I don't think what they said is okay. I just don't think it's worth firing them over. That's a lot of experience. Success. You're thrown out the door coming up in just seconds. A retired New York City police detective Vic Ferrari, with a fantastic Top story. This is 77 w A B. C. Long Island's news and talk station is 1071 and 77 Nature made is the number one pharmacist recommended brand of vitamins and supplements, and we're here to help you stay strong.

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