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35 prospects for a vast infrastructure deal for the U. S have been thrown into serious doubt the White House has reduced President Biden sweeping proposal to $1.7 Trillion and Republican senators are rejecting the compromise, saying it aims to reach a deal. The White House has come down from its original $2.3 trillion proposal to $1.7 trillion, but that's not far enough for Senate Republicans who've offered their own infrastructure proposal. That's a trillion dollars less expensive. After hearing from the White House today, an aide to West Virginia Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito says the two sides are further apart than they were last week when capital and her colleagues met with President Biden. Stephen Portnoy, CBS News of federal judge has ordered a mental health evaluation for Jacob Chance. Lee, also known as the Q and on shaman, after his lawyer question whether he is competent to stand trial. He was the person seen during the capital riot, shirtless and wearing horns and face paint. He's charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. The order puts the case on hold, while Chancellor has transferred to a federal facility and evaluated two prison guards who failed to properly check on Jeffrey Epstein. The night he killed himself will not spend any time behind bars to the plea deal. The pair of admitted that they faked prison records to indicate they were doing their jobs checking in on Epstein every 30 minutes or so. Prosecutors say they were actually napping, shopping for furniture and motorcycles online and walking around. Too common area. Instead, Both men were working overtime because of staff shortages. One was working a double shift to 16 hour work day. The men will be on supervised release with no prison time. Peter King. CBS News Coming Up five Giants talk about being honored by the Kennedy Center, so I don't know this is Kyle Cooper, 9 37. Let's be real. Mopping is a hassle. You have to fill the bucket, pushing a wet, heavy mob around thin cleaning them up when you're done so it doesn't grow bacteria hassle on top of a hassle. Try Swiffer Wet.

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